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August 23, 2010

A note to whomever reads this…

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So yesterday, the words were flowing on to the page like water down a waterfall…and it was beautiful…euphoric…cathartic…healing…inspiring…amazing…and really really neato. I was quite content in the task of keeping the pen dancing across the page, happy at the “stress” of keeping up with the ideas; my handwriting becoming a blur — a mixture only I could decipher with abbreviations and awkward spellings. But the point is, I was writing. One of those really good writing zones where the whole world had decided to go out for its proverbial coffee and leave this lone recorder of words happy with her task of capturing her character’s next moves and next thoughts. It was one of those days where my greatest wish was to be ambidextrous so that when the right hand cramped up, I could switch and continue. It was beautiful and all any writer dreams of…and then, the waitress came over and wanted to chat.
Now I understand that it is their job to make sure that the customer is taken care of…that I have what I need, that I like my meal, that I will be satisfied and they will be tipped…but…the damage done…the watery-flow of words came to a halt as if someone had turned off the tap above the waterfall and I was left staring at the page almost in tears myself for the loss of words. I was not rude…exactly, but I wasn’t my kindest either. And I know it’s her job to make sure I’m okay; I just wish I could put up a sign…something that said “If my glass is empty, please fill it. Otherwise, you can assume I’m okay unless I notify you otherwise.”
The non-writer part of my brain knows that this is a normal part of human interaction…the writer part of me wanted to scream and throw things. The non-writer part won out and I left the restaurant without incident…this time.


August 17, 2010

Love it when it works…

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So this morning while I was writing (yes, at IHOP…darn that muse and her love of breakfast foods) I had such an amazing “in the zone” writing time, that I almost called in to work to just be able to make the most of that writing session. It was intense. I could not move my pen across the page fast enough and the ideas flowed out of me in a rush I haven’t experienced in quite a while. My muse knows that play time is forthcoming…she is ready. And I will feed her breakfast foods every day if I have to…maybe I’ll dedicate this novel to IHOP…they all know me there and know the two options I have when I order food.
I love it when it works like that. I love it when the excitement is there and the words are there and it is my only job to keep up and get the words down on paper. I love it when the ideas are just there for the picking and I don’t have to get down and beg for the ideas to show up…there will be days of that too, in the forthcoming days of my less responsibility and more “me” time…days where I stare at the blank page for hours with nothing more than a mere trickle of words strung together…but the days like today, where it takes every grown up part of me to put down the pen and go to work, that really make me think I might just make it as a writer after all.

August 8, 2010

Loving my muse

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So yesterday while I was in WalMart I do as I usually do and mentally go elsewhere (who wouldn’t…) and when I have mentally checked out, my muse likes to come and play.
I remembered a slot machine I had played recently called Queen Isabella. The pictures as they spun by were of the lovely queen; a ruffian-looking man who seemed like he would know about women; an aristocratic-sort all stuffy and proper who seemed like he would know nothing about the fairer sex; and an older, wiser gentleman that seems like there is more than meet the eye. POOF!! instant story…just add plot.
That is what I love about my muse. She finds new toys to play with and all it takes is an instant and she is bouncing around going oooh!!!!!! lookie lookie!!!! But have no fear…I have written the story in my STORY ideas notebook for safe keeping and will continue to focus on my current projects.

August 4, 2010

“Only those that risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” T.S. Eliot

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So this has been the quote on my signature for a few years now. I am about to put your words to the test, Mr. Eliot. I have recently discovered how easy a simple web page can be and I will be playing with that as well as this experiment to get me (and others) more stoked about my writing projects. Those who have read my works in progress have shown amazing patience and support and it is about time I risk going too far.

It is time for me to let Jac and Jyn into the world with Whatever you Make of It, let my teenagers express their angst and issues in Ten by Ten, let Broken Trust and Crusin for Love become the love stories that I would not have been able to finish at a previous time. It is also time for Arianna to rescue her prince in the antithesis of a fairy tale. My poems are ready to be edited and separated into the three books waiting for them; Same Shade of Blue with its poems of fighting the good fight and hope that does indeed spring eternal, Kissing Frogs for those loves and crushes that have crossed my pen, and Sometimes the Darkness Wins because well, sometimes it does…but not for long.

While I was eating my IHOP breakfast this morning, I came up with an ending to Broken Trust that has eluded me for years…I quickly gathered it in my misc. notebook that lives in my purse and gets replaced when it is full and wrote down the ending that is fitting and will have people hungry for the sequel. The ending to Whatever did that too…I stressed about it and stressed about it and then finally I let it go…and then it came to me (that may have been over French Toast as well, if memory serves).  My muse evidently likes breakfast food…but if that works for her…it works for me.

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