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January 30, 2011

I write to music

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Some people write to silence, and I am completely in awe of those people that can drown out the inner voices and be absorbed by the silence. Silence is too loud for me…it gives too much volume to the inner thoughts and story ideas and questions that are constantly bouncing around in my head like too many ping-pong balls. So I listen to music to keep the random sounds in line and be able to focus on the page in front of me.
What I listen to depends on my muse’s mood and what project we are playing with today. Somedays it is only the hard, angry music that gets the blood pumping and the pen moving across the page. Metallica’s Black Album is good for this.
Sometimes it is Tchaikovsky that gets my heart and ink flowing.
Sometimes it is the random feature on my mp3 player that keeps me dancing and writing along; the problem here is if I get the urge to sing along I start to pay more attention to the lyrics than to my own words.
Celtic music always works. Maybe I draw from the quarter of me that is Irish…regardless of where it comes from, the beauty and emotion of this genre always gets me going.
There are 2 CDs from Keith Ciani that are amazing. I consider it a personal challenge to keep my pen moving as quickly as his guitar notes. On the really good day, I can do it…and then luckily the songs after the really fast ones are a bit slower or else I am sure my hand would refuse to keep up.
There is a CD from a friend…I doubt he even remembers that he made it for me…just a compilation of odds and ends that have no rhyme or reason or even meaning, but we share a connection, and that connection fuels the muse. The music is not what I would have chosen, but it works and works well.
I need music to drown out the noise of the silence. You have to go with what works…and music works for me every time.


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