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February 9, 2011

And then there were four!!!

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So a story I started a few years ago decided to connect to the novel I finished the first draft of in December of 2010. Those characters and story lines held hands and played on the merry-go-round in my head and a series was formed with the very strong union of the two. As Cassidy and Stephen and Melanie frolicked with Jo and Eddie, other as-of-yet undefined characters watched from the periphery and sighed…I could tell they wanted to be part of the fun…who wouldn’t, but wasn’t sure if they were going to become characters in the existing stories, or if they had stories to tell of their own.
As I was driving through yet another snow fall (will this winter EVER end?????) I began to see those characters come a little bit more into focus…and then grow into novel ideas of their own. Enter book 3 and book 4 of the series. The characters still are fuzzy…they don’t have names, but they are on the merry-go-round, getting to know the others and learn the rules of the series…and the writer. Book Two needs to be finished before Book Three can be started and so forth. Sometimes the writer craves odd things…some times it’s pancakes…some times it’s something far far worse for her than breakfast. But they also learn that the writer and her readers will love them and help them to grow into what they always wanted to be.
It worries some people when I talk like my characters are real people…but they are…to me. I get to know them and I get to watch them grow and I believe in them and fight for them and help them on their journey. My readers will do this too…
SO welcome aboard #3 and #4

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