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February 14, 2011

I think I’ve created a monster…

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So I wrote about my merry-go-round which had let on two new passengers…welcomed them aboard so that the 2 in the series became 4. Well…those 4 may have just become 7. For it seems, that there were three more people that were waiting just outside of sight that said, ‘hey, this sounds like the place for us’ and while I know even less about them than I knew about the two that joined last week. Just little snippets of ideas that seem to want to be connected. And here is the quandary. (First, as a sidenote…I love that word…love, love, love it!!!! And it makes me happy to be in a quandary, so that I can use the word quandary!!!!).
My quandary is that I don’t want the series to become so big that it consumes too much…I don’t want to have stories connected to the series just for the sake of having a series…I want them truly to be connected. My reader is helping me with this…as I go to her and say…”what about…” and she says, “that could work…” but then gently guides me back to the one in the series and points and says “here…play here…you need to stay here for a bit more” and my A.D.D. is appeased after the new idea has been carefully written down and I go back to play with book number 2.
But I do worry about the series…there are authors that become so entrenched in a series that they lose their fan base if they try to branch out of the series…and yes, this is putting the cart on top of the hill while the horse is still eating…but it is a concern nonetheless, as I have many other stories to tell that are firmly not a part of this merry-go-round…that are happy to play in their own area of the amusement park in my head.
So my series definitely has 2 books in it, and quite possibly 7 books…For now.


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