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February 24, 2011

The trouble with hats…

Filed under: Writer's thoughts — michelle sodaro @ 7:42 pm

So people keep asking that ever-so-logical question of when am I going to get these books I keep talking about — in print. A fantastic and valid question, to be sure. And I really need to…I have 3 done now — am on Chapter 20 of the 4th one, with many, many others sitting quietly until it is their turn to be finished…or started…or thought of…poems, novels, other creative projects.
The trouble is, quite simply, hats…you see right now — the writer/creator hat is comfortably on my head — with all its flair and color and creativity. I sit down with my notebook and writing instrument, which is usually a smooth-flowing pen, or like today, a pencil — and I write. I put said writing instrument on said notebook and the words dance and play on to the page. This is the fun stage — the no-holds barred part — the shh, don’t wake the editor part. Right now there are no bad decisions, no pesky plot holes that need plugging, no inner critic laughing at me cruelly…right now it is just writing — moving the story along and getting to know what makes my characters tick..or tock…or march to the beat of whatever music is playing…
And that’s all fine and good…except if I don’t switch hats soon — I am going to have 10 first drafts, including an entire series, done.
The problem, of course, is switching from the fun and loose-fitting writer/creator hat to the snug-fitting, serious hat editor/critic hat…the one that knows all the rules and isn’t afraid to use them. The one that comes brandishing her red pen with a flourish (and isn’t it funny that I won’t use red when grading my students’ work for fear of damaging their psyches, but my own words –and my own psyche — don’t get the same consideration?). Sigh — but I need to do this. I need to let the editor/critic out to do her job. And yes, I know I sound schizophrenic, but as E.L. Doctorow said, “writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia”…and I am definitely a writer, so there you go…and I am also a reader…an editor…a critic, and soon…a publisher…Ah hats.



  1. Hey Michelle, I read your blogs, but don’t often comment. I wish I could finish any of the stories I start. I get stuck and then just give up. I’m thinking of taking a creative writing class over the summer as I’ve never taken one before, and feel like it might be some good exercise for me.

    Comment by Lisa Mandina — February 24, 2011 @ 10:58 pm | Reply

    • hey! Depending on when the class was I would love to take it with you. Or we could get together and talk shop once in a while…see if that helps???

      Comment by msodaro — February 24, 2011 @ 11:11 pm | Reply

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