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March 29, 2011

Whatever you Make of it…

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So enough people have asked me…what is your book about, that I thought it would be good to blog about…
Picture Johnathon, a young lawyer wanting to make partner at the expense of everything and everyone in his life. He doesn’t have time for life lessons or family…or even his girlfriend, Rebecca. In fact he thinks most things that are not job-related are, in general, a waste of time.
He is given a book by his late grandmother who tells him this is all he needs to fix his life. He starts to read the book and he expresses all of his thoughts out loud. The characters in the book, the fabulous Jac and Jyn, hear his spoken thoughts and respond back to him. To me this is every book I have ever really felt connected to…I have wanted to talk to the characters, I feel like I know them that well. And Johnathon gets to talk to them!!!! He learns a valuable lesson about life and people in general and as a last-ditch attempt to get his girlfriend to not leave him, he gives her the book.
Rebecca reads the book and gets to interact with Jac and Jyn, but she gets a completely different story as she has a different lesson to learn. The book ends with Rebecca handing off the book to a new person in need…which of course leaves it open for a sequel.
There it is …a very brief synopsis of my first-born, if you will…let me know what you think…


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