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April 11, 2011

Planning my pages

Filed under: Writer's thoughts — michelle sodaro @ 2:19 pm

So more from the information from the webinar…I need to create my bio for my webpage…so much I want to include, as well as many things that I cannot include. It is exciting to be planning this. I have looked at a variety of author’s websites to get an idea of what I want and what I don’t want. I also have to take care to not let this new “toy” distract me too much. Yes, I want my website started and up and running. I also want my grading of my classes to be current, my doctorate paper to be completed, my newest novel to be finished (first draft), and my ‘first-born’ to be edited and polished. I learned that I don’t have to have my cover art done…that I can send my novel off and add the rest later. Oh how exciting. I will click send when I get to work today, I think…having two of my closest friends along side of me will help me immensely.
The author that did the webinar also talked about the importance of a newsletter and let us know about a free site that helped with that. I like free. Huge fan of it, in fact. So I will work to set that up as well. That way I can keep people updated about what’s coming up!!!!
This is all so new and yet it’s something I have wanted forever. I don’t remember the first time I picked up a pen and said…’ah yes, this is what was missing from my hand’ but it is there. It is ingrained in me and will always be a source of comfort. There is a feeling of a good pen that is indescribable to anyone that doesn’t write…but it has to feel like a hammer to a carpenter, a microphone to a performer, a car to a racer…whatever is an extension of one’s self.
So I will work on my website…adding it in (in small doses so as to not over-tip the precariously balanced full plate in front of me) to my to do list…so exciting…and so very very nerve-wracking…as is anything that has never been done before. Luckily there are enough other people who believe I can do this…that I am not alone on this ledge.


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