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April 17, 2011

While you’re waiting…

Filed under: Writer's thoughts — michelle sodaro @ 11:46 pm

So I have read this advice from both academic and creative sources, and have practiced it enough times to know that it is the truth. As we all know, I am not the world’s most patient person. I am not good at waiting, and all too often will lose interest if I am forced to wait for anything for too long. My attention will be diverted to something more shiny and immediate. It is probably one of the many reasons why I have not married…but I digress.
The advice is this…while you are waiting for the next stage of something, begin working on something else. Case in point, while I was waiting for the approval and submission of each of my Doctorate papers that I have completed, I worked on my subsequent paper. Now, my first novel is in the editing process at iUniverse…and so I work on my 4th novel. It is almost done…perhaps just a chapter or even just an epilogue left to write. And yes, I have already decided what will be the next novel to finish…Arianna’s turn has finally come.
It is horrible to wait. It is horrible to have something out of your control. Yes, I acknowledge that this causes me problems once in a while…ahem…but having an actual new task to focus on while I wait…makes waiting seem less like waiting and more like being productive and efficient. I do like being productive and efficient…yes, indeed I do.
Plus I have goals for 2011…and I’m not where I need to be yet…but I’m closer than I was. And I’ll get there. I have limited the amount of distractions in my life and have worked to have more balance. And I even have plans to get healthier physically!!! Now if I could improve my financial health while I was productively waiting…I would indeed have it all. But I have what I need to get this done…and while I’m waiting, I will move more projects closer to my goals.


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