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May 6, 2011

Had to laugh…

Filed under: Writer's thoughts — michelle sodaro @ 7:35 pm

I am reading a fantastic book called Take Joy: A Writer’s guide to loving the craft, by Jane Yolen and she has some amazing insights into writing and how much fun it can be while at the same time being challenging and different than any other occupation. And I am enjoying reading about someone else that truly loves writing and would write even if she didn’t get paid for it…but isn’t it nice that she does as that is a goal of mine as well. But it is nice to hear from another writer that writes because she would feel like something was missing in her life if she didn’t sit down to write every day.
There was a part in her book, and I am only about halfway through, but I had to share this. She describes the muse in the following manner: She works hard and never complains, though she is rarely thanked for her part in the story, never acknowledged or given a book dedication. Her back aches and her fingers are arthritic, and she’d love a bit of chocolate, but is loathe to ask.
I laughed so hard at her account of the Muse that I scared the kittens who were napping nearby. Wow…her Muse and my Muse are not at ALL the same person…mine works hard, of course…but she complains. If I have done too much doctorate work she complains; if I have spent too much time on grading, she complains; if there is not enough sunshine, she complains. And the part about wanting chocolate but not asking??? Yeah, my Muse asks for what she wants…and pouts if she doesn’t get it. And while Mrs. Yolen’s Muse sounds lovely, I think I will stick with my pancake obsessed, flighty dancing Muse…she and I get a long just fine.


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