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May 23, 2011

Cleared section of my plate

Filed under: Writer's thoughts — michelle sodaro @ 3:23 pm

Well, I turned in my final paper for my class…have a couple small assignments left for that class, but soon that section of my plate will be cleared off. Have almost completed my 3rd set of papers which would clear another section of the plate as well, except that I have already started researching the next set of papers, so really that section of the plate stays the same…have also almost finished the quarter of teaching where next quarter will have less classes and thus less plate space…
It is so exciting to see bits of clean plate. I don’t have the same reaction as the kittens…when they see any bit of the bottom of their bowl they are convinced that they have no food and are immediately starving. I see bits of plate and think about the many different possibilities for filling it back up with other things. (Those of you that know me, know without question that the worst thing that could exist in my world is a completely cleared plate…whatever would keep the crazy at bay then???)
There is of course the Whatever you make of It section of the plate that also will be moved soon…for next week I will get to give it the final read through it so patiently has been waiting for to send back to iUniverse for the Production phase to begin….and that is so exciting, I am tempted to shift my plate just so …so that my beautiful novel is right in front of me…but I can’t just yet…other things need my attention this week…
A friend asked me what I was doing for my birthday next week…I can think of nothing I would rather do than spend it reading through my story…we’ll see if that is what happens or not. I also need to read through Arianna. It has been too long since I have played with that story for it to have any kind of continuity.
There is also the 3rd book in the series that I want to flush out and see where that takes me…and there is a collaboration project that is begging for attention as well…with a friend that knows me better than most anyone…and accepts me for who I am…even the bits I usually hide from the world.
So many things to put on my plate…but I have to finish clearing of a few spaces first…


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