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May 25, 2011

This writer’s life…

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In a book I picked up called The Productive Writer by Sage Cohen, there was a quote on page 9 that hooked me and had me buying the book…which of course I will read…after all, I must be productive…and I think that I do okay in that regard given the other things that I need to take care of right now, but there is always room for improvement.
On page nine, Ms. Cohen asked the simple question, “What do you want your writing life to look like?” I closed my eyes in the book store (I’m used to strange looks…especially when I go to where my name will go alphabetically and scoot books over just so…that way even with all the books that exist, there is still room for mine.) and this is what I pictured:
Eventually, I want a house on the beach (or a whole island) where friends and family are always welcomed…to stay for a day or a lifetime. I have told those closest to me that when I get there, they can do or not do as they wish…they can work if there is something they enjoy, but they can also just be there and enjoy life. I want to have a part of the house (or the island) that is all mine…that is my writing space,,,there is a bay window facing the water…and all the necessities for my writing are there where I can just write and create for 8 hours a day.
Before I get to the island of course, I can have most of this in my apartment. I might put a picture of the ocean in front of my desk so that I can pretend.
In my ideal writing life, I will still teach…but I will get to teach because I want to, not because I have to…and right now I really feel like I have to…which makes me sad. One of the professors in my education classes that I respected the most, said that he knew it was time to quit when he said “I have to go to work” instead of “I get to go teach”…the former is where I am now, and I really miss the latter.
For my writing life…I would love to be surrounded by the people that are closest to me…that I can bounce ideas off of and ask random questions of and the ones that take all of me in stride…not an easy task…but one that has granted them a golden ticket.
This is what I picture…now it’s time to write.


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