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July 29, 2011

Dreams do come true…

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A year ago, I started this blog, and I was wondering what I would write about for my year-anniversary…and then Tuesday happened…and this was not just any other Tuesday…no, my friends…this was the Tuesday that showed me that dreams really do come true.
On Tuesday, I received an email from iUniverse that my book, my first-born, my Whatever you Make of It was live and that my copy, my very own-hold-it-for-the-first-time, isn’t-it-the-most-beautiful-thing-you-have-ever-seen copy was in the mail.
There are no words to express all that went through my mind…and attempting to teach class that night was interesting…I probably owe an apology to my students, because I am pretty sure that I was mostly worthless as all I kept thinking was right at that moment…my book was on its way to me.
It was also amazing…I got to watch one of my closest friends be the FIRST to purchase my book…I watched her add it to her cart and click place order…and all I could do was scream and jump up and down behind her. Other coworkers came over to see that I was not dying…
I am a published author. Let me say that again, in case it didn’t sink in for you either…I, MICHELLE DENISE SODARO, am a PUBLISHED author. Wednesday morning I woke up with that one thought in my head…and I really thought I had understood the concept of surreal before…I did not…I do now. It is amazing how I can go through the motions of my day…brush my teeth, scrunch my curls, pet the kittens, teach my classes…all the while the knowledge that I have a book out there in the world (one of many) on its way to people’s bookshelves and hearts…just dancing around my heart. I wondered, Wednesday morning, if I looked any different. I sure felt different.
So, my book is available to purchase. It is available through iUniverse currently, and in a couple weeks will be available through and…
And this is what it feels like to have a dream come true. I’m a fan.


July 17, 2011

Clicking send

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So, they fixed my book…she’s perfect…out of “surgery” and looking just more beautiful than I have ever seen her look. I got through the editing process fairly well, I think…only one breakdown and that was because evidently the software used had complications with the amount of bold used in the book…so lesson learned and I will not format future books in that manner.
Today, I will click on the approved button for the interior of my book…the cover has “general fiction” written twice on it, which I could of course live with except it would bug me when my book was an actual book…which will happen in the next few weeks! This has been an exciting and informative journey, and I know more about what my future novels and poetry books (and other projects) will need in order to expedite the process. For example, if I have future books that need to switch narrators, I will find a way to do so without using excess bold. I also know that with each book receiving its own ISBN (UPC code) that I will have the same “12-year-old in a mall” reaction, so if you are near me when I see it…cover your ears and squeal with me.
In the next few weeks, I have a lot to do…while my first novel goes off to the PRINTING stage…yes, you read that right…and yes, I have been squealing quite a bit about that word…but I have help…amazing amazing help and a support system that continues to blow me out of the water. I am, as always, most certainly undeserving of the love that is given to me!!!

July 14, 2011

I am NOT going to cry…I am NOT going to cry…

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So…on Saturday I received my proofs of my cover and my pages of my book…my first-born is so close to being ready to meet the world…and the cover was so beautiful that I almost cried and laughed and threw up all at the same time. It is going to be amazing. The cover is exactly what I wanted and more than I ever expected and I want to hold that book so badly that I can barely breathe sometimes…can hardly focus on my doctorate or my teaching. I want to hold it so badly that I can hardly focus on my friendships or my family…all I want is to hold my first book.
When I looked at the pages of my book, they had taken out the all of the bold and italics because those things appeared random. RANDOM???? Um…did you read the book? The “random” bold and italics distinguish between Johnathon’s world and the world of Jac and Jyn…How is that random. Every bold had a purpose. Every italics was for a reason. So I expressed my frustration and was told it would be fixed.
I got the second proof today…and the first half of the book was fixed…and it was as I had sent it…and it was beautiful…I was excited and thrilled and turned each page trying to not hold my breath…fixed, yes, beautiful, yes…perfect…yes. And then I got to the second half of the story…and now, instead of nothing bolded, nothing italicized…instead of it being perfect and beautiful…EVERYTHING was bolded and italicized. NO!!! Stop making my book, my first born, less than what I want.
Trying so hard to not cry. Trying so hard to not snatch my first book back from these people who up to this point have been wonderful and supportive and have given my book and me so much support that I really felt safe leaving my book in the hands of their company. I will NOT cry. I will calmly ask that they fix it again. I will not cry…but I’m close.

July 11, 2011

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen…

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So yesterday I got an email that stated that my proofs for my cover and my BOOK were ready for review. REVIEW…can you imagine…that is one step away from PUBLISHED…and that is my dream in one word…but I get ahead of myself…
I looked at the proof of the cover…and it stole my breath and helped me to breathe for the first time in my whole life. How is it possible that I have lived 36 years on this planet and not seen this beautiful, perfect cover? It is the most amazing, most beautiful, most unbelievable cover that has ever existed…and it has my name on it…it has the title of MY book…it has MY picture (that one of my best friends took…and her name is proudly displayed below the picture, and she made me look amazing)…and, wait for it…it has an ISBN…yup…it’s official…it has an International Standard Book Number…which means that so soon it makes it hard to focus on anything else, this book of mine…this dream…this beautiful, beautiful cover will have beautiful, beautiful pages and I will get to hold it for the first time. I ache to hold this book. I actually physically ache to hold it…and I want it more than I have ever wanted anything in my life.
It is so beautiful…I can’t wait to show her to the world and be able to hold her up and say “Look world…look what I did…”

July 6, 2011

Vying for attention

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So I have reorganized my writing world!!!! I have made use of a filing cabinet that was given to me by one of my closest friends. Each story now has a hanging folder, a folder inside for notes, and a folder inside for what needs to be typed. My poems are now in a folder…waitin to be typed…my poem ideas are now in a folder, as are my story ideas. NO more searching for the right notebook…no more crate full of random things…this is far more concise and accessible.
While I was lovingly putting each story in his/her own folder, I was reminded of how much I liked that story…how much I enjoyed meeting those characters…and…well…
They are all dancing in my head now, vying for my attention. They have been confined in a crate for years…ages…and now they are so close to the desk they could jump out and be the project I work on…and I want to play will ALL of my toys at the same time…but I need to focus…I need to have some sort of order to the chaos. Arianna is still going to be my next “first draft” and I have 3 novels to edit to start on their route to publication as well…and poetry to play with…and doctorate papers to finish/start…and oh yeah…papers to grade.
But it is nice to have them dancing…nice to have them near…within arms’ reach. Call it feng shui or whatever else you want to…but with this one change, my writing space is filled with a positive energy that will be productive and fantastic.

July 1, 2011

Needing a change

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“To find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth.” Pearl S. Buck
When I started where I teach now, I thought I had come home. I remember calling my best friend and saying “this is it…the place that I will stay forever”…but I am not a forever-type of girl…I get bored; I get restless; and when I get bored and/or restless, it affects all parts of my life. My normal solution to this has been to move…but I happen to like my little nest and think it will do quite nicely until I get my island…
I like Pearl S. Buck’s quote and most times I think about it in terms of writing…for if any of you have seen me in my writing frenzied state you know that I am a 6-year old hyped up on sugar and pop. I am swimming in the fountain of youth…doing high dives off of the top of the fountain and nailing the perfect dive…or cannonball. I think also though, that the enjoyment of work still needs to include teaching…and it still does sometimes where I currently am…but there are also some aspects that make me feel older than my years, more cynical than I am comfortable with, and as if I am drowning in the fountain that I want to play in.
So a change…not a major change..not a “take this job and shove it” kind of change…I still like enough aspects of it to stay and keep my toes in the fountain…but some type of change.
Also, I need more structured time right now…having too much free time when I’m still not in control of what is happening with my first book…it is being worked with in the format/packaging aspect…which is really really exciting, but not at all anything I have anything to do with…added to the mental discontent at certain aspects of my my job…and it’s causing me problems. So this is a possible change…and I need some change.

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