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July 6, 2011

Vying for attention

Filed under: Writer's thoughts — michelle sodaro @ 3:32 pm

So I have reorganized my writing world!!!! I have made use of a filing cabinet that was given to me by one of my closest friends. Each story now has a hanging folder, a folder inside for notes, and a folder inside for what needs to be typed. My poems are now in a folder…waitin to be typed…my poem ideas are now in a folder, as are my story ideas. NO more searching for the right notebook…no more crate full of random things…this is far more concise and accessible.
While I was lovingly putting each story in his/her own folder, I was reminded of how much I liked that story…how much I enjoyed meeting those characters…and…well…
They are all dancing in my head now, vying for my attention. They have been confined in a crate for years…ages…and now they are so close to the desk they could jump out and be the project I work on…and I want to play will ALL of my toys at the same time…but I need to focus…I need to have some sort of order to the chaos. Arianna is still going to be my next “first draft” and I have 3 novels to edit to start on their route to publication as well…and poetry to play with…and doctorate papers to finish/start…and oh yeah…papers to grade.
But it is nice to have them dancing…nice to have them near…within arms’ reach. Call it feng shui or whatever else you want to…but with this one change, my writing space is filled with a positive energy that will be productive and fantastic.


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