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August 21, 2011

Let it be…

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“Let it be…let it be…there will be an answer; let it be”
I have been desperately trying to finish my third doctorate paper. I have begged with my beautiful muse, have pleaded with her, have offered her everything that had made her smile at any time in the past…I have offered uninhibited hours of play time for whatever project she wanted to work on…I have dangled every shiny thing I could think of, to no avail. She didn’t budge…my fault again…there is a transition phase between jobs that causes the plate to be crazy full and while I am staying at the previous job, little bits of hanging on, the other job will take the place of official way to pay the bills…and in the transition, as well as the natural business of ending of classes…she has not wanted to come out and play at all, and she CERTAINLY did not want to come out to help me with yet another academic paper, especially one that is interesting as a concept, but not my main focus, and only connected to literacy as all things in society are connected.
So I was stuck…and I got behind in my academic progress (not letting myself start the next paper until this one was finished…I have got to start finishing things or will forever be spinning) I have not added to Arianna as much as I would have liked…and my other projects are loudly “ahemming” on the sidelines.
Then out of the blue, I looked at the paper again…and suddenly there was an idea…a way to jump into this paper that I had been avoiding with as much passion as I avoid all things connected to math…and just as the song foretold…if I would just let it be, there would in fact be an answer.
Now I am inspired to redo the entire last section…which is really going to be less work than trying to fix the mess that I had turned in…and I’m ready to rip into it…and I am so grateful for the inspiration…I only wish it could have come to me prior to their being only 9 days left of the doctorate quarter, when I have a ton of grading to do for both teaching jobs….sigh…well, put on the coffee and let’s go to town!!!


August 14, 2011

Reminders from Pandora…

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We get the most peculiar reminders from the most peculiar places, don’t we? If we happen to pay attention, that is.
Well, this morning I was paying attention. I was asking for paitence…to see all things travel along their natural paths…to not be in such a hurry to get “there” that I miss the journey in its entirety. And yes, to those of you who know me best, this is an almost daily affirmation. I struggle with a level of impatience that is phenomenal, especially given the careers that have been chosen for me. Teaching and writing both require copious amounts of that precious commoditiy…and to have someone who is impatient neck deep in both jobs…well the results can be frustrating.
So this morning I was making my daily request for some patience…and if I could have it RIGHT NOW that would be fabulous….and while listening to Pandora radio (which is most often so RIGHT ON with what I like and every once in a while completely off base with what they suggest) and the song “Let Go” by Keri Noble came on. Well, my ears were open for a change and when she said “I could try and try but all I know…is I should try and let things go,” I got the message loud and clear.
There are aspects of my life that are certain..I am and will be a teacher, I will finish my doctorate, I AM A PUBLISHED AUTHOR…and those certainties help with all that is uncertain. And I am just going to try letting go…again. Hey, I’m a work in progress…

August 12, 2011

Things to do…

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So…Whatever you Make of it is out in the world. So far, the reaction has been positive. I have had a few people ask for a sequel, which the book is certainly left open for…but I am not certain if Jac and Jyn have another magic book tale to tell…which is hard for me to say, because of all my characters, they are my favorites…Other people have asked for just another book…which is also nice. I have 3 drafts that are complete in their story…but need to be edited and looked over so as to start the process with them.
There are things to do now, that I didn’t quite imagine…it’s amazing and wonderful…and completely learn as you go…but it is a bit intimidating as well. I always knew I would be an author…always knew that I would get my stories out there for people to read…but now that it’s here…it’s a bit puzzling knowing what to do next…and of course, there is a book signing to plan (how amazingly fantastic that people have asked me to sign their books), there are future novels to edit and get ready, there is a newsletter to send out, there is advertising and promoting to do; there are definite post-novel things to do!!!! And it is amazing. It is also extremely difficult…to do the things in my life that currently pay the bills. I have 15 years teaching experience, which has come in so handy in the past couple weeks because I have gone through the motions of teaching…I’m grading as I can, and teaching when I have class, but the majority of my mental energy is looking at that gorgeous green cover…with the beautiful title and author’s name (hey! That’s me!!! ) on the front…and the picture taken by a fantastic friend (that didn’t turn out half bad, if I do say so myself) on the back…
So very hard to do the things on my to-do list that didn’t go away, just because the dream has started to come true…I stil have a job (or two) to do…a doctorate to finish…and of course other novels to write…but I also have this amazing new aspect of life to play with…good thing I’m a Gemini!!! Both twins are going to be very busy.

August 7, 2011

People I would like you to meet…

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It is so amazing to me, that characters I have known for years are now getting introduced to people in the “real world.” Jac and Jyn and Johnathon and Rebecca have been real to me for a few years now…and I am somewhat sad it took me this long to get them out into the world…but everything happened as it was supposed to and the timing for my writer’s life is perfect. People ask me how long it took for Whatever you Make of It from start to publication and the answer that is truthful is not the answer that is actual. In actuality it took me about a year to write it…then life happened, as it does, and 5 years later it is in people’s hands. I have 3 other novels that have their first drafts done and are just in need of editing and polishing and then I will start their publication processes while I add to the number of first drafts completed.
But it is amazing to me that people are getting to know Jac and Jyn. It’s weird…the story is really about Johnathon and Rebecca, but I have always considered this to be Jac and Jyn’s book. But regardless, people are getting to know some of my all-time favorite people.
I can mention this without giving anything away…but at the end of the book, Rebecca hands the book over to someone else, in a kind of “pay it forward” kind of way…and it is my fervent hope that my readers do the same….that they finish the book and pass it on to someone else…or recommend that that someone else buy one of their own.
World…meet Jac and Jyn and Johnathon and Rebecca. They have been patiently waiting to meet you. And there are more introductions to come of characters that are so real to me I sometimes forget that they only exist in my head…for now.

August 5, 2011


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There is a line from the movie IQ that my mom, my best friend, and I love…it’s “When the last time you went wahoo” followed by the response, “well I’m sure I don’t know.” I would just like to say WAHOOOOOOOOOO. There…it’s been about a nanosecond (look at me using science terms…wonder if that is a real unit of time??) and it has been pretty much a constant wahoo since my book came in the mail on Tuesday. I have not stopped petting it (until yesterday, when the newest member of my team of people that support me unconditionally took it with him on a trip so he could read it…and he likes it so far). It is more beautiful than I could have dreamt. There is a cover and pages and EVERYTHING. The formatting is fixed; they bolded what I needed bold and didn’t bold what I didn’t need bold…and my name is all over the thing…just amazing.
I will never feel this way again; I know this. I will publish other books…have started the gruelling process of editing the next one…but never again will it be my first time…and after all, we always remember our first times, don’t we.
I am glad that teaching is so second nature to me, and after doing it for 15 years, I would hope it would be…but it is helpful that I can go through the motions and still do a fairly decent job of it…when all I am thinking about is my book. I am so excited that people get to meet Jac and Jyn and Johnathon and Rebecca. Am so excited that they get to read my novel. And they are buying it, which is beyond exciting as well.
All of my other projects are now pushing and shoving to get my attention. They see all the fuss that is being made over Whatever you Make of it and they want their turn too….but I am not able to work on all of them right now. I have decided already which one is next to edit and which one is next to finish the first draft of…plus I have a busier job schedule for the next few weeks…plus there is that doctorate thing that is equally important to me…
But it is really exciting to see my dream; to be able to hold it in my hand; to have one aspect of my world that is not jaded or tarnished or cold, but is just beautiful and full of hope…and because I haven’t said it in a few minutes, WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!

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