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August 5, 2011


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There is a line from the movie IQ that my mom, my best friend, and I love…it’s “When the last time you went wahoo” followed by the response, “well I’m sure I don’t know.” I would just like to say WAHOOOOOOOOOO. There…it’s been about a nanosecond (look at me using science terms…wonder if that is a real unit of time??) and it has been pretty much a constant wahoo since my book came in the mail on Tuesday. I have not stopped petting it (until yesterday, when the newest member of my team of people that support me unconditionally took it with him on a trip so he could read it…and he likes it so far). It is more beautiful than I could have dreamt. There is a cover and pages and EVERYTHING. The formatting is fixed; they bolded what I needed bold and didn’t bold what I didn’t need bold…and my name is all over the thing…just amazing.
I will never feel this way again; I know this. I will publish other books…have started the gruelling process of editing the next one…but never again will it be my first time…and after all, we always remember our first times, don’t we.
I am glad that teaching is so second nature to me, and after doing it for 15 years, I would hope it would be…but it is helpful that I can go through the motions and still do a fairly decent job of it…when all I am thinking about is my book. I am so excited that people get to meet Jac and Jyn and Johnathon and Rebecca. Am so excited that they get to read my novel. And they are buying it, which is beyond exciting as well.
All of my other projects are now pushing and shoving to get my attention. They see all the fuss that is being made over Whatever you Make of it and they want their turn too….but I am not able to work on all of them right now. I have decided already which one is next to edit and which one is next to finish the first draft of…plus I have a busier job schedule for the next few weeks…plus there is that doctorate thing that is equally important to me…
But it is really exciting to see my dream; to be able to hold it in my hand; to have one aspect of my world that is not jaded or tarnished or cold, but is just beautiful and full of hope…and because I haven’t said it in a few minutes, WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!



  1. Super proud of you!! I know I haven’t been very vocal, but I’ve been lurking and watching, and I couldn’t be happier for you. You deserve every ounce of happiness that this brings you!

    Comment by Rene — August 5, 2011 @ 12:26 pm | Reply

  2. Wahoo!!

    Comment by Misty — August 17, 2011 @ 11:13 am | Reply

    • Such an amazing time in both of our lives, sweet ducky…wish England and Missouri were closer.

      Comment by michelle sodaro — August 19, 2011 @ 7:51 pm | Reply

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