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August 7, 2011

People I would like you to meet…

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It is so amazing to me, that characters I have known for years are now getting introduced to people in the “real world.” Jac and Jyn and Johnathon and Rebecca have been real to me for a few years now…and I am somewhat sad it took me this long to get them out into the world…but everything happened as it was supposed to and the timing for my writer’s life is perfect. People ask me how long it took for Whatever you Make of It from start to publication and the answer that is truthful is not the answer that is actual. In actuality it took me about a year to write it…then life happened, as it does, and 5 years later it is in people’s hands. I have 3 other novels that have their first drafts done and are just in need of editing and polishing and then I will start their publication processes while I add to the number of first drafts completed.
But it is amazing to me that people are getting to know Jac and Jyn. It’s weird…the story is really about Johnathon and Rebecca, but I have always considered this to be Jac and Jyn’s book. But regardless, people are getting to know some of my all-time favorite people.
I can mention this without giving anything away…but at the end of the book, Rebecca hands the book over to someone else, in a kind of “pay it forward” kind of way…and it is my fervent hope that my readers do the same….that they finish the book and pass it on to someone else…or recommend that that someone else buy one of their own.
World…meet Jac and Jyn and Johnathon and Rebecca. They have been patiently waiting to meet you. And there are more introductions to come of characters that are so real to me I sometimes forget that they only exist in my head…for now.


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