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October 16, 2011

Get to work, lady!!

Filed under: Writer's thoughts — michelle sodaro @ 1:18 pm

So it happens this time each year…I look at my calendar and am freaked out by how few pages are left in this year’s calendar…it is ALMOST November, after all…and we all sit around and wonder where the year went…well…I can tell you where mine went. My year so far has been trying to get as much Doctorate work done, publishing my beautiful first born, Whatever You Make of It, working on my multiple personalities…I mean multiple story ideas…ahem.
The problem with my calendar view is quite simply this…I told myself when I stepped down from my beyond–full-time job, that I had 2011 to play part-time teacher in order to have full-time doctorate and novel time. I told myself I would take the pay cut and live frugally for a year to give those two aspects their due attention…so my twins (I’m a Gemini in case anyone couldn’t guess that) are fighting again now because the calendar very clearly shows that 2011, and therefore my play time, is almost over.
My logical twin is looking to the future and thinking that I need to get a grown-up job again, have savings, have job security, and all of those tidy things like extra money and benefits.
My emotional twin is begging…literally begging for just a little more time. It is entirely probable (and uncharacteristically realistic) that by the end of May, I will have every little bit done except for my Dissertation (which I have been allowed to start the Literature Review for…tee hee)…and when I have only my Dissertation left, I can apply for a teaching position at a University which is more suited to my goals than my current positions. Also in May, Ten by Ten will be ready for being performed…and in order for those two things to happen, I need the time that I currently have (and some I could stand to borrow, but I’ll make it work with my two current part-time jobs so that bills still get paid…). If I could just get a 6-month extension to my original contract with myself…that would get it done.
So instead of looking at the calendar as there are only 2 months left…I have to look at it as there are still 2 months for my original time frame, with an option to renew!!!
So get busy lady…logical twin is not going to be convinced otherwise.


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