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November 10, 2011

And again I am reminded…and humbled

Filed under: Writer's thoughts — michelle sodaro @ 11:01 pm

So once again, I get a sign even I, in my ever-so-constant personal bubble, cannot help but notice. A sign that I am in fact, not only on the right path, but am also surrounded by support and kindness and love, the likes of which I have never questioned but am amazed by on a daily basis. I was spinning out of control…not knowing about my immediate future…my employment questions have been answered…and my living space question has added some interesting possibilities into my mind. Added to that the overemphasis on finishing my doctorate in the next two quarters (damn limitations to how much graduate debt one can incur…), and I could not be more aware of the fact that the path I am on is the one I need to be on and I need to kick it up a notch and stay on track even more than I have been. I am not allowed silly distractions right now…hell, I might even give up World of Warcraft for a little bit…though those shinies are awfully appealing…okay, giving it up entirely might now be feasible, but I will definitely limit my play time…have to get this doctorate to the point of being All But Dissertation…so so so so so close.
Every time I make a wish I wish to be healthy financially, physically, and emotionally…I’m happy to report that I am on my way in all three. GO ME!!
Thank you universe for your none-too-subtle reminder that you completely have my back. I’d like to say I won’t forget again, but I try really hard to not lie…
Thank you for my support system…without you I would be flying out of orbit somewhere.


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