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November 20, 2011

And that makes 100

Filed under: Writer's thoughts — michelle sodaro @ 4:18 pm

WordPress tells me that this is my 100th blog…goodness I’m wordy…but then I have a lot to say, so…it makes sense I’m an author.
I thought with this being a milestone (and coincidently, with Thanksgiving being next week) that I would take a moment to once again express my gratitude to some of the many blessings in my life:
–to my mom, who sacificed so much so that we never knew anything or anyone was missing as we grew up;
–to my Ducky (and her beautiful famil)y, who supports me and loves me and makes the pond that separates us seem not so far away after all;
–to Gary (and my guys), who love their Mich without limit and always listen to my ramblings and then distract me with something shiny;
–to Trav, who continues to inspire and guide me and who got this publication dream off the ground, I miss you and love you still;
–to Debbie and Julia and Celia and the rest of my ITT friends whom I don’t get to see much anymore but still cherish with all that is in me;
–to the students who love me and talk to me even when I’m not giving them a grade;
–to my kittens who “help” me write and take care of the pieces of paper I crumble up;
–to my dad and step-mom and sister and brother who support me even as they are dealing with their own lives and struggles;
–to my nephews and niece who are perfect and amazing and make me so proud to be an aunt;
–to those people that have been friends with me for years or for months and put up with my crazy and help me to find focus and direction;
–to my muse, who never leaves me for long and can always be bribed by coffee, sex, or pancakes (thus the title of the upcoming book about her);
–to the authors of all the books I have loved or hated who taught me what to do or not do;
–to Pandora for so often getting it perfect, and for apologizing when they get it wrong;
–to Walden for allowing me a Leave of Absence to get my head back in the game for the completion of my PhD;
–to my characters for telling me what to write;
–and to me…for, well…just being me…good, bad, or otherwise…I’m always me.



  1. One day after this post, I hit my 500th post. Catch me if you can! 😉

    Comment by Chris — November 23, 2011 @ 6:43 am | Reply

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