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November 26, 2011


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“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell
I’ve been a teacher for 15 years. I have known I was going into teaching even longer than that. I have been a writer since I first put crayon to paper. I will continue to be a writer…and I may continue to be a teacher…the jury is still out on that…mostly though, I am just so restless, I am about to burst out of my skin.
I wanted to get healthier…went to the gym for 7 straight days in order to get healthier…then I had a pajama day and haven’t gone back since. I will get healthier, but it is nice to know that people like me the way I am and would continue to do so if I got healthier…not the swing vote, but nice to hear.
I have moved about 7 times in the past 5 years…I joke that it is to stay one step ahead of the stalkers, but in actuality, I am just looking for a place to call home…haven’t found it yet.
I have taken an official leave of absence from my PhD, effective December 5th until June. I did this for financial reasons as I have used up my student loans, but also for a mental reason. I’m just exhausted…and the crux of it is, I don’t know if I want to teach anymore. Dad asked a question recently that sent me pondering something I’ve never let myself ponder. He asked me when the last time was that I was really happy teaching. To be honest…it’s been a while.
So, I’m applying to jobs outside of teaching…and we’ll see what happens. I want to be an author, and teach when I choose to, if I choose to…and Joseph Campbell’s quote hits it right on the head…I am getting rid of the concepts of the life I have planned, to see what life is waiting for me. Maybe it is still in education…maybe it is a different life altogether. One thing I do know is that my books will continue to be on the forefront of my mind…they have been on the bottom of the list for far too long. But what I do to pay the bills…yeah, that may change…we’ll see what the universe comes up with.


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