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November 27, 2011

So hard to be faithful…

Filed under: Writer's thoughts — michelle sodaro @ 1:52 pm

Relax…I’m not in a secret relationship…it’s just funny that something that is just done (not saying it’s easy or difficult) in real life…when I am in a relationship, I am faithful for the duration of the relationship…but in my writing…it is SO hard to keep myself to the same standards.
And the ridiculous part is that things are going REALLY well with Arianna’s Honor the scene I have always wanted to write came through beautifully…the novel is right in the exciting part where it is almost manic in the attempt to get the words down. I dream of the novel, I think of it in the day time…there are probably 7 chapters to its completion (which is more the OCD thing as that would make it 30 chapters which is a nice number). Things are going REALLY REALLY well…
And yet…sigh. There are other stories that are doing everything they can think of to get my attention. Characters whispering sweet somethings in my ear when I am crafting the next scene, showing up in my dreams, distracting me to the point that I want to stray. I want to go play with the pretty side projects, those projects that I promise will be the primary area of focus once Arianna’s story is done. But just like any mistress, they don’t want to wait. They see how excited I am with Arianna and her prince…they see how the words just flow on to the paper like water, and they want that…well, let’s be honest…who wouldn’t want that kind of attention.
But I will perservere. I will remain loyal to the story that has been more patient with me than I deserve. The story that has stood by and waited countless other times when I did stray. I jot down the ideas that come to me about the other projects, because of course with the creative energy at play, what is coming to mind are amazing ideas…but I will stay true to Arianna to the end this time. I owe her that. Wish me luck.


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