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December 4, 2011

Productivity Ponderments

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Okay…I know I posted that I was going to coast for the rest of the year…and I am not completely letting go of that vision…I see myself in a nice (clean) river, floating along toward whichever goal the wind and current happen to be travelling…and that is still my goal..but I thought I might, on occasion, dip my hand in the nice clean, fish-free water and steer just the tiniest bit…once in a while…while still relaxing (as much as I ever really relax).
I started reading a book called Art of War for Writers and James Scott Bell takes the principles of Sun Tzu and applies them to writers. I’m only on page 38, but so far, have gleaned the following bits of wisdom:
1. He mentioned that publishers are in a business and as such, are interested in finding novelists, not novels…which started me thinking…Hey, I have 4 (almost almost almost 5) drafts done…I could start querying publishers to see if there is a nibble of interest (there are no fish in my river, but there can be publishers…it’s my river after all). I can now show that I am an investment and therefore perhaps worth checking out.
2. He mentioned that I (not that he was talking to me, personally, as that would be creepy) should start seeing myself as a professional author and then I will become one. Interesting…can’t quite show up to my jobs in my author gear (pajamas) but I see his point. It is the same principle in a thousand other concepts…visualize yourself healthy, financially stable, loveable, etc…and you will become that…it’s the positive side of the self-fulfilling prophecy.
3. Have a word count quota every week. Now, this involves numbers…but stay with me, here. (and for those of you who know me and worry about me interacting with such things, rest assured I left a trail of gummy bears to find my way back). I looked at a productive day for creative writing and doctoral writing. On a good day, I can write 1000 words creative (about 5 pages) and about 250 words doctoral (about 1 page). So I am trying word count goals of 5000 and 1000 respectively. This will add about 25 pages to a novel and 5 pages to a doctorate paper. This week and next will be a trial run…I will see how I do and adjust accordingly.


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