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December 7, 2011

Avoiding Envy

Filed under: Writer's thoughts — michelle sodaro @ 11:26 pm

All of the writing books I have read, talk about not allowing envy or jealousy of other writers’ success deter you from your own goals– these authors are not your competition…and I have read this in enough books and quotes about writing, that I wonder if perhaps, there is not something wrong with me (and, yes, I know how loaded that statement is).
The truth of it is, that I have never been jealous of another author’s success, have never bemoaned that it is unfair they have published books, or my books are better than theirs, or any other aspects that would be a comparison between myself and them.
I am envious of: people who can eat whatever they want and not have the cushioning I have; people who have hit the jackpot on another slot machine– they are just a regular jo…just like me, so why can’t I hit it; people that have perfect vision, or hearing out of both ears, or healthy teeth…
But I am not envious of other authors. I am actually happy for them. I also the publishing world is big enough for me and them…that is why when I go to the bookstore and move the books over, where my books would go alphabetically…I don’t take others’ books off the shelf…I just make room for my books to be there too.
So thanks for the advice — fellow writers and writing books — I will keep it all in mind should my envy start to appear at the success of other authors…but I know the struggles they have worked through; I know the demons they have battled; I know the journeys they have travelled. I don’t need to be better than them — it is an honor enough to be counted among them.

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