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December 25, 2011

Good things in tiny packages

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Yesterday, three of my favorite people handed me three little bags. I was told by the nine-year old to not cry…and I didn’t…but it came close. What my sister had picked out for her three amazing children to hand me simultaneously, were three simple silver bands, each with one word inscribed on it. “Live,” “Dream,” and “Laugh” perfect in their simplicity…and getting to the heart of what we should all strive to do in this life. She told me there was another one that said “Love” but I’m glad she chose the three she did…as love is rarely simple, though it probably should be.
Live. Dream. Laugh. That is all I want to do in my lifetime. I want to live. I want to not be so bogged down by the details that I forget to simply enjoy the fact that I am alive and able to LIVE the life I choose to. I struggle with money, who doesn’t; I question my job, who doesn’t from time to time; I wish things were easier or less confusing…but these all mean that I am alive…I LIVE the life of an author and will do everything I need to in order to live that life.
Dream. Where would I be if not for my dreams. Where would I be without the power of my subconscious…my dreams take me places when I am awake and when I am sleeping. Any of you that has ever had multiple conversations with me or near me, knows that sometimes…I tune out of the immediate surroundings. I’m dreaming…thinking of some story or character or the perfect rhyme for a poem I’ve been working on…my dreams give my stories endings that allude my waking mind…my dreams give me characters names (I am sticking with Nicholas, for Arianna’s prince…she calls him Nicky when he is being especially pesky). Yes. I need to dream and dream big…and then I just need to keep up with my dreams.
Laugh. Yes…and often. I have had jobs where I never laughed…which is so odd for me, as I am one of those (sometimes annoying, I can own that) people who really likes to find the humor in situations…really likes to laugh and help people to laugh. If you can laugh at it…it can’t be that scary. Cassidy learned that recently if she laughed at her elephant…he lost his power.
Live. Dream. Laugh. Thank you. I will do just those things!



  1. I have lived, I have followed dreams. It’s earned me 4 screws in a knee and torn meniscus that locks up the other one. I’ve been lots of places and done lots of things. All along the way, I have laughed. I’ve had fun. I’ve alsoly been truly miserable. But through it all, I’ve found love. So, as long as you live, dream and laugh, love will find you. But dammit, when love finds you, punch it in the face before it gets a chance to do the same to you. Just saying.

    Comment by Smokey — December 25, 2011 @ 5:50 pm | Reply

    • I certainly have been punched in the face by love often enough…it’s about time for some payback.

      Comment by michelle sodaro — December 26, 2011 @ 12:50 am | Reply

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