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January 1, 2012

Looking forward, looking back

In Roman mythology, Janus was the god of beginnings and endings, the god of transitions. He was depicted by 2 faces — one looking forward; the other looking backward. So appropriate for our beginning of a new calendar year. We get to turn that page, still blank with ample space for amazing, wonderful, terrifying, awe-inspiring adventures.
I love the promise of that blank calendar page almost as much as I love the promise of a brand-new notebook. It’s magical to me, wondering what will come next.
2011 was a ground-breaking year for me…and 2012 holds the promise of so much more of everything I have ever wanted. So, in honor of the god of beginnings and endings, I am doing some looking forward, looking back thinking…
1. Financial
2011 — I made it. Barely perhaps, but I made it. This was the year for part-time work and full-time novel-writing/Doctorate work. I got a bit behind, but am okay with most things now.
2012 — If not for needing to save fo my last two quarters of my doctorate in June and September, I would happily stay working where I currently am…my schedule is open enough that I can write to my heart’s content.
2. Doctorate
2011 — Streamlined the paper-writing process, started Literature Review for Dissertation, and with the help and positive reinforcement of friends, got through the course where the instructor told me I could not write.
2012 — On leave of absence until June, working on next-to-last paper, continuing Literature Review, have only one course, one paper, and 2 residencies until I am All But Dissertation.
3. Physical
2011 – rejoined gym, went sporadically
2012 –go on a more regular basis to see results, change some eating habits
4. Emotional
2011 — took shortcuts in things just to feel something
2012 — Know what I want and what I can’t settle for
5. Books read
2011 — 31 (9 short of my goal — but if I could count the umpteen articles I have read for research, I would have far surpassed my goal)
2012 — Goal: 40 books, I’m on it!!!
6. Living Space
2011 — moved into my pretty apartment
2012 — Pretty sure I’m staying put, most likely…maybe. Want to live on a beach someday, for now I have a picture of a beach in front of my desk.
7. Published Author
2011 — Published Whatever you Make of It, got bit HARD by the publishing bug
2012 — Want to finish every project simultaneously — will publish as much as possible this year. Will also send some off to traditional publishers, now that I have multiples.
8. Tattoo
2011 — Got my stack of books started
2012 — Fill in more books as able, design and get Gemini tattoo and writer’s quill tattoo.
9. Socialization
2011 — went out a bit to prevent complete transformation into a hermit.
2012 — will push myself out the door and out of my pajamas more often, even if it is only across the street to Starbucks.
10. Getting the word out
2011 — starting using twitter and Facebook, handed out business cards to some friends and ONE COMPLETE STRANGER!!
2012 — will have website designed, will continue to blog, will have at least one self-promotion activity per month.
2012 is going to be great!!! Such a fan.


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