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February 17, 2012

Stepping sideways to go forward

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So I have reached a point in my hockey story where all of the characters in the series of three books are all together sitting around the aforementioned Thanksgiving day table…and I’m a bit stuck. Turns out, it’s tough describing a 12-person dinner party, which would be true under the best of conditions…this is made even more difficult because six of the characters don’t exist firmly in my mind enough and they are reading…well…they are reading like I don’t really know them — like they are strangers to me, which of course they are.
The problem is that the hockey story, staring Ty and Mackenzie, is actually going to be the final book in the series (you didn’t actually expect me to do something normal like start the series at the beginning, now did you — have we just met??). I do promise to someday have something catchier to call them than by their respective sports — I know my beautiful Muse will have something clever for the series and each book therein — I know she’s on the job…so stay tuned on that aspect.
I think what I may have to do in order to go forward with Hockey, is to take a couple steps sideways with both Baseball and Football to get to know the athletes and their respective love interests…just delve in a chapter or two for each story — get a feel for the men and their respective ladies — so that Thanksgiving can be more 3D and not flat. And yes, I could just plow ahead and add details later, but I also need to get a feel for those two stories in the series sooner or later…and since I’m a bit stuck at current, especially since Thanksgiving is going to take up the next 15 pages or so..might as well go sideways to go forward.


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