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March 13, 2012


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Dear “Apartment Resort:”
First let me say what a wonderful and relaxing weekend it was. So much positive and productive energy!! Thank you for providing everything needed for my Muse and I to get down to business. I especially appreciated the basket of pens and pencils at my fingertips…and the fresh strawberries were also a nice touch.
The kittens were adorable, but if there was a way to install a snooze button in them to allow for sleeping in past 6:30 in the morning, that would greatly appreciated. Oh, and speaking of time, I seem to have lost an hour somewhere between Saturday night and Sunday morning; if you could adjust my bill accordingly, that too, would be appreciated.
I accomplished many of the items i set out to do this weekend including starting the last section of my Doctorate paper and getting to chapter 15 of “Hockey.” I also wrote a couple of poems and started the editing of Arianna’s Honor. More than anything on the list though, you helped me to recharge and even recharge my spare battery as well. It had been too long since I had days back-to-back to just play with my writing and let my Muse dance without looking at the calender or clock.
I will definitely be recommending writer’s retreats to all of my friends (they will have to find their own locations though, as that would be awkward) and will also be booking more weekends at this “resort” in the future.
You rocked my socks!!!


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