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March 21, 2012

Bear with me…

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In a recent conversation with someone I completely admire and respect, I learned that the middle of March is 8 1/2 months from the end of the year. Now…stop laughing at me to let me explain why this less than phenomenal realization made it into my blog.
I have been saying for a while now that I would have all of my coursework, residencies, and papers done by the end of 2012. This would put me at ABD (All But Dissertation). This is a very exciting place to be indeed because I then can apply to Universities (with the agreement of completion of said Dissertation in a timely manner…) and don’t fret…I still love teaching where I currently play, shhhhh…it’s all good…but eventually I would like to teach a class or two to education majors. I want to teach future teachers — pass the torch of what I have learned in my time in various classrooms throughout the greater Kansas City area.
So — back on point — I have been making progress, moving steadily toward completion of my goals in a timely manner. Working toward that happily-vague time frame of “end of the year.” Suddenly that time frame became something that is not quite so vague, but rather specific.
I’m good. No reason to panic. It’s all good in the Sodaro hood. I am right on schedule (I think). I am solid (I hope). I’m right on top of that, Rose. I’m there. I’m in the zone (me thinks she doth protest too much???).
Here are my next 8 1/2 months:
March — submit Paper #4 (which is actually KAM V…there is no KAM IV, and those of you who know me best, know what it does to me to not have things in order) — submit Prospectus (game plan) for Dissertation (what the existing research says, what new angle I am going to bring to the table, etc)
April and May — Work on Literature Review (background) for Dissertation, work on Paper #5 (KAM VI)
June-August — Submit KAM VI — Residency #3 — Continue working on Lit Review
Sept-Dec — Residency #4 (virtual) — RSCH 8350 (Final Course)
Easy breezy…right??
Between that, finishing Ten by Ten this month, self-publishing Arianna’s Honor and working on my Hockey story…I should be able to relax and sleep sometime in 2013…or so…
I ask…I beg…I request you to bear with me the next 8 1/2 months. If I don’t make plans; if I get growly; if I have even less of a social life than I have had…please know that I love you and will be back to “normal” shortly.


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