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April 4, 2012

Why I shouldn’t sail…

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“Holding the mind to a subject is like holding a ship to its course; it implies constant change of place combined with unity of direction.”
Taking notes for my FINAL KAM (paper…yes, i do like the look of that word final in front of the letters K-A-M…marking things off the list one-by-one), one of the books I am reading is How we Think by John Dewey.
This quote struck me both as information for my paper, but also on a personal level…which makes sense as part of the reason my ship is currently trying to go in about 912 directions at one time is the personal and academic to-do lists that keep wrestling and grabbing the wheel and adjusting the sails so that my poor boat gets aimed in whichever direction is currently winning.
I have the constant change of pace — yes, indeed I have that…but I’m not entirely sure my multiple mental locations for every single project I have…was entirely what Dewey meant. Probably it was to use many different ways to get to one single point; my way works too, well, works for me.
Maybe once my PhD is completed, I will have better ability to focus on one subject — travel in one direction at a time. Yeah, maybe not….have you seen my story wall? How am I supposed to reach the destinations of each of my stories AND have any kind of unity of direction?
Well, my boat may be going in every which way at the same time, but it’s bound to be one hell of an amazing ride.



  1. Once you finish your PhD, you will no longer be Michelle. I will be calling you Dr. Sodaro; or ‘Doctor’ as we pass in the hall.

    Comment by samorlando — April 4, 2012 @ 8:26 pm | Reply

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