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May 14, 2012

Okay…break’s over…

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So some of you might not have realized that I was actually on a break from my Doctorate since December…and I realize your confusion. While I was on my “break” I finished paper #5 and have all of the research done for paper #6. I also completed my research (as far as I know…to this point…until something changes) for the majority of the Literature Review for my Dissertation. I have also edited and gotten ready for self-publication, my second novel (details on that in my next blog…I’m trying to stay on one topic for a minute, which is a challenge for me as you know).
So, my Leave of Absence from Walden University is over in the next week or so…I had to take a break because I ran out of student loan money and have been desperately trying to find ways to be able to pay for the 6 months that I have left to get to dissertation. I have found a way…thanks to things working out exactly as they were meant to and happening just in the nick of time. Thank you for once again letting me know I am not only not alone on this path, but also headed in the right direction.
So I was reflecting on my 6-month “break” and I realized that while I didn’t really take a “break” from Doctorate work, I did take a break from some fundamental aspects of my life. My apartment is more of a mess than usual. I have not gone to the gym except for maybe once or twice during my break (which was brought to point by a 3-yr old whom I love dearly who told me, Aunt Michelle, you’re too big…). I also have taken a break on my skin care. I have small blotches on my cheeks which according to my highly skilled research and self-diagnosis is mild rosacea…I am very pale and any color on my cheeks at all is highly noticeable. The same 3-yr old who pointed out that I was too big…also asked me about the “boo-boo’s on my cheeks” thus pointing out that I need to get back to going to the gym and taking care of my skin. Nothing like having your flaws pointed out by a 3-yr old (she did kiss the ‘boo-boos’ on my cheeks, which helped).
SO…Break’s over…get back to work.


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