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June 13, 2012

Productivity Please

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So I have been praying for more productive “free time” (I put it in quotes because the “free” time I have is fill almost to bursting with creative and academic tasks)…and last night I went to bed at 9:30…which is sad because I got home at 8:30. And yes, sometimes a person needs sleep, and that is acceptable, but what is not acceptable is that Monday, I had an entire day off and I did nothing to further any of my projects. I sat and watched Bones all day…
I have been talking to many friends about this and I was saying I don’t have any energy…I am so uninspired by certain aspects of my current life (aspects I can’t change, but will not discuss in more detail in this forum…if you are curious, drop me an email or a text and I’ll give you the scoop)…and it doesn’t matter that I am uninspired by things I can’t change, because the reason I can’t change those aspects is that everything I do right now is to finish my PhD and further my writing, both of which are quite inspirational.
Through one conversation with my friend, Amanda, who has been doing an AMAZING job working out and getting healthier, I came up with excuse after excuse as to why I could not work out…even acknowledging that exercise would help my energy level and thus make my “free time” more productive…I hate excuses…I have always been a (forgive me) “shit or get off the pot” kind of girl. So I set my alarm this morning for 5:00 (which threw the kittens into a “let’s run around the apartment in a craze” frenzy) and I swam. It is my intention to do this every morning. I am feeling pretty good about it this time because I started on a Wednesday, in the middle of the month (it is usually my OCD that makes me wait until the 1st or at least a Monday). So here we go…more swimming (given all the metaphors lately of jumping in and the water being fine, this seems fitting) and more productive “free time.” Feel free to call me out on this any day…making things public for me, holds me accountable. And yes, Arianna will be ready to go by Monday. Thanks for checking 🙂


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