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June 21, 2012

Hold steady…

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I hate it when things are all chaotic and swirly…because it is so easy to lose focus and get caught up in the drama and the chaos…and then when I am chaotic and swirly, I don’t function well and even more, I don’t write…which causes me to function even less well (I know…painful to read, and I apologize…poetic license and all that).
My friends are amazing…they help talk me out of my swirl and even when I don’t want to hear what they have to say, their words still penetrate my thick skull and their meaning gets through loud and clear.
People have been asking me A LOT lately…what I want to do…this is due in large part to my whiny “I don’t know what I should do.”
My answer is simple. I want to complete my PhD. I want to write my books and poems and screenplays. Period. That is all. How I pay my bills right now is not as essential to me as the simple fact that they get paid so that I may finish the PhD and write. I’m good at teaching. I know this and I don’t state this to be vain. If you’ve done something and studied said thing for a decade and a half, you pick up a trick or two. And I will continue to teach if that is what the powers that be want me to do. Similarly, if the powers that be decide that I could take a break from teaching people what a thesis statement is, what an essay should look like, and how to do references…I would be okay with that as well. Right now, as I said, I just need a means to an end. Which is not to say I don’t care about my students, because of course I do…but I also care about my PhD and my writing. And I just need to hold my course steady and continue on toward my goals and not let any swirly chaotic bumps knock me off my path.


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