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July 5, 2012

Hello my friends…

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So last weekend, I de-cluttered my life a bit…I realized that part of the reason for my funk of late was because of the clutter in my life and in my mind and heart. So I threw stuff out both literally and figuratively and Monday morning I sat at my desk before coming in to work and had the most beautiful welcome from my characters whom I have neglected these past few months…they said, “hey…remember us?” I sat down, pen in hand, and instantly the magic began to flow. Suddenly it was like no time at all had passed and it was just as if I had merely pushed pause, and now had pushed play.
There are many reasons why I prefer fictional people to real people (not all real people of course…I find many of you quite lovely). Monday taught me yet another reason…and that is that they, just like my cats, don’t hold grudges or make comments about how long it’s been since you’ve played with them…they are just happy to play…happy to still be in the game.
There was no guilt given, no tsking at me…just everybody jumping in and playing as if the game had never actually stopped.
I now have Chapter 19 done, Chapter 20 started, and a rough sketch outline for the next 5 chapters or so…My goal of having hockey’s first draft done by year’s end may still happen…
And all it took was taking out some literal and metaphoric trash.


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