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August 19, 2012

The circus inside my head

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Okay…so on any given day, there is a plethora of chaos in my head. Anyone who has had tried to carry a conversation with me knows this…and part of the chaos is the joy of being a writer. On my wall, you may have seen the picture, are 20 or so stories with their own characters and plot lines and they are in a constant state of intermingling in my head. It is like a perpetual family reunion, except this is a family where I love everyone and there is not a random weird relative that everyone worries about.
So, as it happens when projects come to an ending of a stage, the chaos becomes, well…chaotic. Everyone wants to be next…and who wouldn’t want to be next…next to be written or next to be edited…
I am at an interesting position right now in that Arianna’ Honor is almost ready to click “send” to publication…and so I have other novels I started before that are yelling “PICK ME!!!” “EDIT ME!!!!” “CREATE MY COVER!!!” “OOOH. MY TURN”
On the other side of things…”Hockey” is almost done with its first draft. So I have all my new story ideas screaming as well. “WRITE ME!” “I’ll be fun” “I’ll practically write myself” “PICK ME”
It is a fun place to be in my head right now…it is a circus where every story is trying to out do the other stories, a feat made even more spectacular because they are all supportive of each other, even in their competition because they know as long as I keep working on one of them, each of them will eventually get its chance.
Right now I am leaning toward finishing Broken Trust next and writing “Football” but we will see what the circus in my head comes up with


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