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October 28, 2012

Stay Home…

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“I’m a freak without provision
Seems I’ve made the right decision
Try to turn back now it might be too late…”
“I wanna stay home today
Don’t wanna go out.
If anyone comes to play,
gonna get thrown out.” Self — “Stay Home”
So grateful for this song from the Shrek soundtrack…and it’s exactly how I feel today. Today and tomorrow I have no places I have to be, no time schedules I need to keep, no hours I have to pay attention to…which is beautiful music to my ears. That’s not to say I won’t venture out to Starbucks to write or go to my apt complex gym to get healthy…it’s just to say I don’t have to go anywhere and certainly not at any particular time. Which for my muse and I…is absolute heaven.
Since I have been fired, I have written every day. I have thanked God for blessing me with this gift of writing time. I have wanted to make use of every minute (and every pen) because I don’t know how much time is on this gift card and I don’t want to waste it. I want to write. So I do…and I am filled with a sense of peace I could never articulate…
So for the next two days…I may kind of hide away from the world. I am gearing up to do the National Novel Writing Month ( and am very excited to see how that works. I am also very excited to write a sequel. Ali gets her shot at love this time, but she’s going to fight it tooth and nail.
In theory, with my second part-time job being in retail…my world is going to get busier in the coming weeks as the Christmas season is coming soon to a mall near you…so this may be my last time for a bit where I get two solid days completely off for a while…very excited to stay home and play.


October 25, 2012

All “Fired” Up

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So for the first time in my life, I was fired 3 weeks ago from my day job. And since then, I have been on fire…if you’ll excuse the pun.
Last night, as a prime example, I wrote 8 pages over pancakes and coffee…then I worked out, took a shower, and wrote 3 more pages. It was like I couldn’t stop writing…which, as an author…is just about the best feeling in the world. It makes up for those days where cleaning the grout in the tub would be more productive than starting at the shiny pen in my hand for one more minute. But last night (and I have a good feeling today) it was magic. It was like my hand moved of its own accord holding the pen and just gliding across the page…like in the Harry Potter movies.
National Novel Writing Month starts in a week. I am ready. I know the project I am going to work on, and all I am doing for the next 7 days is getting a couple other projects squared away and reading (and finishing…ahem) the first draft of Broken Trust so that I can write its sequel Redeeming Trust throughout the month of November. So my writing, to say the very least, is fired up.
I am also fired up about working out. I have never felt this motivated to get this going. Part of it is that I am thinking through a lot of previously-held life views that I am needing to change. Part of it is that I have time to do so. Most of it is that I need to. I need more energy and I’ve felt it…it’s only been 4 days, but I feel it. I’m fired up about changing my life.
My motivation and drive are unsurpassed…I will make the most of this time “off” from a full-time job. I am able to make writing my full-time gig now and I couldn’t be happier about this. I am all fired up!!!

October 18, 2012

Off my Plate…

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So those of you who know me, know that I tend to keep my plate pretty full at most times. Blame it on the OCD…the ADD…hell, blame it on the PhD, but I always tend to have multiple projects going on at the same time.
Arianna’s Honor is officially off my plate. I finished her edit, taking into account the advice of iUniverse and Jessica Toll (who has become invaluable as a reader and critique and friend) and adding an ending that finally allowed me to go “yes, NOW she is ready to be seen in public” and click send. I sent her back to iUniverse where they will now pretty her up, make her shine, and send her back to me as a proof. I approve the proof and she becomes a book. So still quite a bit of work to be done…but not by me. Arianna is officially off my plate.
November is National Novel Writing Month ( and I have, using a very scientific method decided that
Redeeming Trust, sequel to Broken Trustwill be the novel I attempt to write in a month’s time. Should be interesting…and definitely fun to play with Sam, Ben, and Ali again…and hey, it turns out, people like it when you have sequels out soon after the first one…and they also like it when you write series in order, turns out…but sometimes I do things in odd orders…the fact that I am eccentric probably hasn’t escaped your attention. It works for me. Keeps the plate interesting.
SO best of luck Arianna. Shine brightly and don’t use your sword too much as it tends to scare people.

October 14, 2012

Living outside the lines

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“You’ll never enjoy your life,
living inside the box.
You’re so afraid of taking chances,
how you gonna reach the top?
Rules and regulations,
force you to play it safe.
Get rid of all the hesitation,
It’s time for you to seize the day.”
“Waiting outside the lines” by Greyson Chance
I would like to apologize if I get this song stuck in anyone else’s head…it plays in mine quite regularly, but then I have a muse who has been saying for years (more loudly in the past year) that is in fact time to SEIZE THE DAY. It is time to say, LET’S DO THIS! Embrace your gift of words…stop saying someday, and just do it.
Recent events have caused me to reevaluate some things in my life and while I don’t have all the answers just yet…I do have a few things figured out. There is an atmosphere of positive, supportive energy surrounding me right now. My writing is flowing, I am making progress and plans, and I have absolute faith I will, as mentioned in my previous blog, land on my feet.
It is an exciting time to live in my head right now. Projects are forming, characters are lining up for their lines, and my right wrist is doing a fair job at keeping up…Everything in me is screaming at me that the “time is now…” Later on in Greyson Chance’s song it says “I’m waiting…waiting, just waiting, waiting outside the lines” and I can feel all of my characters and my muse cheering me on because I am going to, for a bit at least, live outside the lines. I am going to live an unconventional life for as long as I am able to do so and still keep a roof above my head and food for the kits and myself, and the other necessities of life. I am going to embrace being an author, teach my classes, and maybe work retail…for a bit…I am going to give this a chance. The time is now.
My idol, Stephen King, did this. He delivered pizza to make ends meet…and he turned out okay…not saying my path will end up as his did, but I am going to enjoy this time outside the lines.

October 10, 2012


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I feel like I have been given the gift of a re-roll…as if everything I thought about jobs and education and relationships and life…that I get a chance to pick up the dice and re-roll. Tabula Rasa…a blank slate…an empty canvas. And it is beyond exciting…it’s exhilerating to live in my head right now…well, it’s crowded as well, but that is something every author gets accustomed to…
I have taken jobs because I thought I should. I have taken jobs because I had the experience and education to do them, and do them well. I have taken jobs and done them to the best of my ability and poured myself into them and given everything I had as often as I could. I have taken jobs because of other people’s opinion (Freud was a whack-job about some things, but he, like a broken clock that is right twice a day, still had some ideas about why we do certain things).
After this re-roll, I am done taking jobs for any other reason than they fulfill me (and pay me, of course).
Education…ahh education…I feel and have always felt that I married education…I have almost 3 degrees in it…I have 16 years experience in it. It is all I have known, all I have allowed myself to pursue. I am going to take this re-roll as an opportunity to see if I still love/am in love with it…and if I am, then I will continue to teach…and if I’m not in love with it anymore? Then I will figure out what to do next. Regardless, I will most likely finish my PhD as I do hate to leave things unfinished.
Relationships…yes, this re-roll will be a clean slate for those as well. I am no longer willing to wait for a friend to call dibs, or mourn the loss of a love, or settle for anything less than everything. It’s affecting my views in my stories, and that just won’t do.
The one thing I know with this re-roll…is that absolutely, my writing comes first. If the job doesn’t allow me to write, it is not the job for me…if education hampers my writing time, then it will not do so for long. And if the relationship doesn’t support and believe in my writing, well…I think you get the picture. 😉
Wish me luck…I’m picking up the dice and giving them a kiss for good luck!!!

October 7, 2012


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One of the reasons I collect Tigger is his ability to bounce. One of my closest friends got me a specially designed Tigger mug that she had written on “I will always bounce” and this has always and will always be true of how I live my life.
One of my strongest beliefs has always been that everything happens for a reason. I was recently fired from my day job…a job where I had met amazing people who I have absolutely no doubt…I was supposed to meet and love. The objectives for that job had been met. I had become friends with those I was meant to befriend, I had helped motivate those I was supposed to help, and it was time for me to move on to whatever came next.
The funny thing about the universe is that it will give me hints, gentle whispers in my ear, and then if I haven’t listened…it will get more aggressive with its hints. Case in point…for weeks now, I have dreamt and felt in my waking hours that I was supposed to take a leap of faith…but I was comfortable with my coworkers, so I stayed nestled in…besides, I had mom and dad in my head saying not to leave a job without another one lined up…so I stayed. The Universe always wins. I didn’t take a leap of faith, so I got pushed. The end result is the same…I will freefall for a bit…I will land safely, and you can bet your ass, I’ll bounce back.
I have friends and family that would never allow me to go hungry or be homeless. I have a part-time job that I love. I have a thousand projects to work on, not the least of which is submitting Arianna’s Honor which I have been too drained to do this week, but now find myself with all kinds of free time. I will job search. I will file for unemployment. I will go to the gym. I will write. Yes, yes, to all of these things…but most of all…I WILL BOUNCE.

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