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October 7, 2012


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One of the reasons I collect Tigger is his ability to bounce. One of my closest friends got me a specially designed Tigger mug that she had written on “I will always bounce” and this has always and will always be true of how I live my life.
One of my strongest beliefs has always been that everything happens for a reason. I was recently fired from my day job…a job where I had met amazing people who I have absolutely no doubt…I was supposed to meet and love. The objectives for that job had been met. I had become friends with those I was meant to befriend, I had helped motivate those I was supposed to help, and it was time for me to move on to whatever came next.
The funny thing about the universe is that it will give me hints, gentle whispers in my ear, and then if I haven’t listened…it will get more aggressive with its hints. Case in point…for weeks now, I have dreamt and felt in my waking hours that I was supposed to take a leap of faith…but I was comfortable with my coworkers, so I stayed nestled in…besides, I had mom and dad in my head saying not to leave a job without another one lined up…so I stayed. The Universe always wins. I didn’t take a leap of faith, so I got pushed. The end result is the same…I will freefall for a bit…I will land safely, and you can bet your ass, I’ll bounce back.
I have friends and family that would never allow me to go hungry or be homeless. I have a part-time job that I love. I have a thousand projects to work on, not the least of which is submitting Arianna’s Honor which I have been too drained to do this week, but now find myself with all kinds of free time. I will job search. I will file for unemployment. I will go to the gym. I will write. Yes, yes, to all of these things…but most of all…I WILL BOUNCE.



  1. Eagerly waiting to see where the next bounce takes you…

    Comment by Chris O. — October 9, 2012 @ 7:40 pm | Reply

  2. Me too!!! I can’t wait to see where this one takes me.

    Comment by michelle sodaro — October 10, 2012 @ 1:35 pm | Reply

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