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November 7, 2012

if 1 is good, then 5 is better…

So I am really enjoying getting to be a part of the National Novel Writing Month challenge. I have wanted to do this for the past few years, but as it tends to…life has gotten in the way. But this year…it is going strong.
An idea occurred to me…that if I can write a first draft in the month of November and that is good…then I could continue that pace and knock out some more rough drafts…say 4 more (that is my timeframe for unemployment benefits).
Imagine that…I would have first drafts of Redeeming Trust done, I would have First Down done, I would have Stealing Second done, I would have Breaking Point done, and I would have Playing it Safe done. WOW!!!! That part of it sounds excellent. Then spend time editing them and getting them ready for the publication journey. Wow…that would be amazing.
The reality of it though…is not quite as shiny. First of all I would probably have no friends left. I tend to shut out the world when I am on an inspiration frenzy and having a word goal of 1500-1700 words a day causes quite a frenzy. So my doing that for 5 months total would definitely take a toll on my ability to be a normal person with actual friends and a “social life.”
Also…the problem exists that when the writing is good…I will sometimes only eat cereal…not because I don’t have food in the house…but because it is fast and easy and can be eaten holding the spoon in my left hand…or go to Perkins where they know me and keep my coffee cup filled and leave me to my pen and paper.
Another factor…is the pure exhaustion factor. As exhilarating as it to be on an inspiration high, it is also exhausting. I don’t sleep much, certainly not daily, right now…but when I do sleep…it is pretty close to coma. Doing this for one month is intense…doing this for 5 months in a row may be downright unhealthy…
But the idea of having more first drafts done does hold an unshakable appeal…not even going to pretend I’m not considering it.



  1. I’d consider giving yourself a week of ‘vacation’ between your 4-week bursts–I’ve noticed that when I give myself the freedom to do other things for a little while my brain actually goes back to my writing by day 3, refreshed and full of new ideas just because I’ve taken the pressure off. Best of luck!

    Comment by fissionerror — November 7, 2012 @ 5:58 pm | Reply

    • Yes! That would be perfect. A week to sleep and say hi to the world and then go back to my novels.

      Comment by michelle sodaro — November 7, 2012 @ 6:00 pm | Reply

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