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December 26, 2012

Dear 2012,

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Reflecting back on this year, I have learned a lot…as I usually do…
I have learned that while I will always love certain people, the best thing I can do for them and for me is to let go.
I have learned that hiding from feelings does not actually protect me from pain; it just makes the pain more confusing. And trying to not feel affects my writing, so that’s done.
I have learned that the people I am supposed to meet will be met in the oddest of places, but knowing them, I learn they were the reason I was at that place at that exact time.
I have learned to be more trusting of that that quiet, little voice that calmly says, “Jump. I will not let you fall.”
I have learned that I can stll love being a teacher…after 16 years, I really needed to learn this again.
I have learned that all things happen for a reason and that I can trust who is driving.
I have learned that I am an author. Any person, thing, or job that distracts from this goal has me just going through the motions, not really living…
I have learned that I want to live out loud and be free and dance in the rain.
It’s been a great year. Thanks for everything.


December 19, 2012

Earth to Michelle

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So a few friends have brought it to my attention that I have been a little more out of touch or distant than usual. (I almost put “than normal” but who are we kidding…) and as I look back on the last few weeks, they are most correct.
The week of Thanksgiving I acquainted myself with working retail for the first time in a long time. Then after Thanksgiving retail I was attacked by aliens disguised as food poisoning or a stomach flu. I had no energy for a week after that…then it was finals week where I teach…enough said. Then it was start week for the new quarter. Again…enough said.
So what all of this has added up to is me, a writer…having little to no time to write. My muse and I get very pouty when this happens. And with it being winter, Seasonal Affective looks for any opening to attack and make me listless and sleepy.
There is a cure, friends. And it is free and can (and will) take place in my own apartment. It is called “Intensive Pen-to-Paper Therapy” and I think a two-week treatment is just what the soon to be Michelle Sodaro, PhD (soon soon soon) ordered. It will occur (coincidentally) next week and the following week as my school is on Christmas Break.
During this therapy, I will try to be communicative. I will text and email and call and facebook. I will also, and this is the key part of the therapy, WRITE. and WRITE. and WRITE. The end result of this intensive therapy will be a much better, much more friendly, and much more “me”….me.

December 13, 2012

Being a Gemini

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So one of the absolutely best parts of being a Gemini is that I can (and do) flip back and forth between serious and fun projects. I can plan a lesson and then be quite happy writing on whichever project strikes my fancy at any given time. As long as I divide my time between the logical and emotional twins, it is all fabulous in the inner workings of my world. It’s when I spend too much solitary time with the logical twin that the emotional twin gets rather pouty and surly and starts making rhymes whenever and where ever I might be…oh yes, this has happened in the grocery store. I need to by tissue cuz my nose has an issue…it’s scary.
Likewise, it is equally problematic when I spend too much time in emotional twin’s company and pay no attention to logical things…such as buying food or paying bills. The food and bills eventually get bought and paid of course…I have two furry reminders that will never know what it means to be starving. When I buy them food, I am reminded I also like to have food around the house. People have called me and asked me to meet them for dinner and I am suddenly amazed to discover that I am starving. Bills of course get paid too…because bill companies are so thoughtful to send a 2nd or sometimes 3rd reminders.
Ideally I spend time between the two…balancing the obligations of my life with the things I want to do…balancing the teaching and grading with the writing. When my writing begins to pay the aforementioned bills, then the logical twin will be busy with editing and promoting where the emotional twin continues to create. I look forward to this day more than I could possibly express.

December 9, 2012

These are a few of my favorite…pens

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So, it’s not news to anyone (hopefully) that I have an addiction to pens. If you have ever had a conversation with me and you are holding a pen, my mind is trying to focus on what you are saying, but really, I want to “borrow” your pen…my first action with said borrowed pen will be to sign my name. It is always good to see if it would be a necessity for my book tours. And sometimes when I “borrow” your pen, I will immediately hand it back to you…you see this as me returning borrowed goods. I have just informed you, ever so quietly, that your pen is not up to my standards. It’s still a fine pen…but more for sprints than marathons. If I buy a pen that is not made for marathons, I leave them in a cup on my desk…oh, you need a pen, well here you go.
Also not news to anyone, I have always had an overactive imagination. The Velveteen Rabbit has affected me my whole life, and I seriously worry that I offend or hurt the feelings of pens I reject. I worry that secretly they plan to make my favorite pens bleed out in the middle of the night…I worry that pens I used to love but have now found pens I also love (sometimes even, *gasp* love more) that the pens I used to love are somehow aware of this. This makes me sad…you may think it should make me question my sanity…but dear friend, I stopped questioning that a long time ago and have accepted it for what it is.
I don’t want pens to feel unloved…but if I am sitting down (as is my goal every day I am able to do so) for an 8-hour marathon of writing, I need a pen that is going to keep up with me, not get ink boogers, not make me have to go back over letters, is going to be bold enough to be easily read, but not so bold that it bleeds through…
It’s rather complicated to be me.

December 2, 2012

Xmas ideas for readers

If I may be so bold…might I suggest, for your reading enjoyment, or for the reading enjoyment of anyone on your list that enjoys a book or two…
My first book, Whatever you Make of It, is a book about a couple of characters, Johnathon and Rebecca, who read a book. This s not your ordinary book though…the book that this couple reads allows them to talk to the main characters, Jac and Jyn. Though the book people are the same for both Johnathon and Rebecca, the two plots that they read are each very different. Fall in love with Jac and Jyn…and think about how amazing it would be if you actually could converse with the characters in your favorite novel. I would love to chat with Atticus Finch and ask him if he knew what impossible standards he set for real people.
(It is being discussed between my muse and me as to whether or not this book is going to be a series….feel free to weigh in with your thoughts).
My second book, Arianna’s Honor, is set loosely in the 14th century timeframe, but really is a tale that could happen anytime. In this novel, you will meet Arianna, who is fiercely protective of those she loves and has little tolerance for nonsense. Through a course of events, she is honor-bound to protect the Prince Nicholas who starts out full of nonsense. Through their time together, Arianna comes to show Nicholas how to be a better man and teaches him to be a stronger leader. She also kicks butt and slits throats when the occasion calls for it.
(This book does have a sequel, for which the outline has been written in pencil).
Both of these books are available on (paperback and Kindle) and (nook is upcoming)…and if you’re in KC and see me around, I would be happy to autograph them for you.

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