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December 2, 2012

Xmas ideas for readers

If I may be so bold…might I suggest, for your reading enjoyment, or for the reading enjoyment of anyone on your list that enjoys a book or two…
My first book, Whatever you Make of It, is a book about a couple of characters, Johnathon and Rebecca, who read a book. This s not your ordinary book though…the book that this couple reads allows them to talk to the main characters, Jac and Jyn. Though the book people are the same for both Johnathon and Rebecca, the two plots that they read are each very different. Fall in love with Jac and Jyn…and think about how amazing it would be if you actually could converse with the characters in your favorite novel. I would love to chat with Atticus Finch and ask him if he knew what impossible standards he set for real people.
(It is being discussed between my muse and me as to whether or not this book is going to be a series….feel free to weigh in with your thoughts).
My second book, Arianna’s Honor, is set loosely in the 14th century timeframe, but really is a tale that could happen anytime. In this novel, you will meet Arianna, who is fiercely protective of those she loves and has little tolerance for nonsense. Through a course of events, she is honor-bound to protect the Prince Nicholas who starts out full of nonsense. Through their time together, Arianna comes to show Nicholas how to be a better man and teaches him to be a stronger leader. She also kicks butt and slits throats when the occasion calls for it.
(This book does have a sequel, for which the outline has been written in pencil).
Both of these books are available on (paperback and Kindle) and (nook is upcoming)…and if you’re in KC and see me around, I would be happy to autograph them for you.


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