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January 31, 2013

Out of Sorts

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I am all out of sorts…and we all know why…it happens every time I don’t get enough pen to paper time. I need to get back to my routines…I need to have my daily dose of therapy…because too much of life is trying to distract me from my course, and I refuse to allow that to happen. Not now. Not again.
I took a job at a retail store for some extra money over the holidays…I know what you’re thinking…Michelle around the public, during the holidays???? It was a good experience and I am glad that I had the opportunity. It showed me I could still be around people and not have the anxiety win…and no, I can’t explain why the anxiety isn’t there when I teach, maybe my green pen protects me. Regardless of the reason I am glad that I can teach and not be anxious (unless there are marks on my board, or feet out of shoes, or little spiral thingies on papers…hmmm, maybe I need more than the green marks).
I have also moved…which is a wonderful wonderful thing, but still stressful. I have also been treading water with my classes this quarter…having 3 new preps is a fantastic challenge, but as with everything new, is time consuming.
Tomorrow I will write. I may work on one of the 4 novels I have on my plate…I may work on some poetry… I may even get some PhD work done…but I will have my pen moving across my paper…and I will be back in sorts (well, as in sorts as I get).
I am behind on my blogging. I am behind on my novels. I am behind on my PhD…Get to work Sodaro…


January 14, 2013

Okay then…

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“You are what you think about all day long.” Dr. Robert Schuller
Well…it’s official then…I am an author. I think about writing ALL the time. I think about my characters and I think about my chapters. I think about how I am going to get my plot from point A, where it currently exists, to point B, where I know I want it to get to. I think about what my characters would like to eat when I am at a restaurant. I think about what my female characters would wear when I am trapped in the fine jewelry cage pacing for hours…hours better spent doing what I am thinking about. I think about personality quirks of my characters…sometimes I think about pie…but then I go back to thinking about writing, being a writer, being an author, my shiny books that are published, my shiny books that have first drafts done, my shiny books that have only just begun their journey…I think we all get the picture.
If it is indeed true that we are what we think about all the time…then there is no hope for me to ever climb up that corporate ladder, no chance I am going to become a person who has to wear a suit every day, no chance I will ever be satisfied with a “regular” cubicle or office-based job. I am an author. I need time to write, time to edit, time to type, time to play with my characters and my muse. That is all. I’m okay with this.

January 9, 2013


One of my favorite questions is when people ask me where do I get my ideas….because in a writer’s world…anything is fair game. Little snippets of conversation, a comment made or look given, a dream, a scene on a television show that I could do better, a picture in a magazine, a line from a song, a fight, a drama-filled chat…I think you get the picture. Everything is fair game.
For example, Whatever you Make of It came from a book I read where I wanted to talk to one of the characters who was not behaving the way I thought he should. I tried talking to him, but he ignored me and continued on with his plot. So I created a book where a person reading a book could talk to the characters and not be ignored.
Arianna’s Honor started with a scene that ended up not being in the novel until p.231. That is where that story started for me. That is the scene I saw that started the whole novel. I am being intentionally vague here…those of you who have the book can look at the scene I mean. Those of you who don’t…well you might just have to buy the book now won’t you 😉 See what I did there.
Hat Trick and the entire Lucky Charm series started with a Missouri Mavericks hockey game that I attended with some of my favorite friends. There was a super fan in the stands getting us all pumped up…he became JD. A hockey player I thought was dreamy became Ty…and so on and so forth.
Cassidy’s story, which will be part of the Back on Track series came from me ignoring the elephant in the room for too long. The entire premise of the series is people not dealing with the one thing that they need to deal with…thus the elephant.
It is always fun to know how a story idea got started. I always want to know that of my favorite authors as well. I also want to know that about songs…what inspired this song? Are the two still together if it’s a love song? What demons was the person working through in this one? Did it work?
So I love it when people ask me that question. I love it even more when I have a specific answer instead of …hmmm…I don’t know…it just came to me.

January 7, 2013


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I AM an author. Not “I want to be an author.” Not “I will be an author.” I AM an author. There is a power in those two little letters squished together to form that verb. A power that takes something out of the hypothetical, future tense and in to the actual, present tense. Two little letters…change everything.
Think about it for a moment. Instead of saying “I will be loved, desired, successful, famous, an astronaut, a circus clown, whatever” say “I AM loved, desired, successful, famous, an astronaut, a circus clown, whatever.” Feel the change? AM makes it now. Whatever you were before may have shaped your AM just as your AM will shape all of your future AMs.
I AM an author…and I love it.
AM…just about the tiniest, seemingly most insignificant little verb and yet it changes everything. If you start living as an AM instead of a will be, then the choices you make reflect that AM. I read a book about personal finance that echoed this sentiment. If you think you will be successful with money someday…that will never happen because you will never reach someday…on the contrary if you say I AM successful with money, you become what you claim. The choices you make cause it to become true.
I AM an author.

January 4, 2013

200th Blog

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So I wanted my 200th blog to be my first posting of 2013 because I feel like both deserve a little bit of celebrating! 200 is a nice OCD-friendly number and I have really good feelings about 2013…things are going to happen this for me…and I am ready. I am using the ideas of positive energy to bring positive things and self-fulling prophecy to keep that energy going.
I am not going to live afraid anymore. Afraid of success, afraid of change, afraid to step outside my comfort zones, afraid to truly put myself out there to love and be loved, afraid of disappointing and/or embarrassing others. Those fears stop now.
I am going to be successful. This premise is based on the fact that I have been successful in previous endeavors.
I am going to embrace change. Change is going to happen regardless…might as well give it a hug. Recent changes (getting fired, etc) have had the most amazing effect on my life.
I am going to step so far out of my comfort zones as to have them destroyed. The red highlights was just a first step.
I am going to put myself out there to love and be loved. No more hiding or settling for almost.
I am no longer going to worry about disappointing and/or embarrassing anyone. People are either on the boat to my island or they are not. And my island may never become actual…it may stay metaphoric, but the concept remains the same.
I am going to finish my PhD…not because I have to, but because I finally want to again.
I am going to live out loud.
I am going to write more, edit more, publish more.
I am done being afraid.
Watch out world.

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