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January 4, 2013

200th Blog

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So I wanted my 200th blog to be my first posting of 2013 because I feel like both deserve a little bit of celebrating! 200 is a nice OCD-friendly number and I have really good feelings about 2013…things are going to happen this for me…and I am ready. I am using the ideas of positive energy to bring positive things and self-fulling prophecy to keep that energy going.
I am not going to live afraid anymore. Afraid of success, afraid of change, afraid to step outside my comfort zones, afraid to truly put myself out there to love and be loved, afraid of disappointing and/or embarrassing others. Those fears stop now.
I am going to be successful. This premise is based on the fact that I have been successful in previous endeavors.
I am going to embrace change. Change is going to happen regardless…might as well give it a hug. Recent changes (getting fired, etc) have had the most amazing effect on my life.
I am going to step so far out of my comfort zones as to have them destroyed. The red highlights was just a first step.
I am going to put myself out there to love and be loved. No more hiding or settling for almost.
I am no longer going to worry about disappointing and/or embarrassing anyone. People are either on the boat to my island or they are not. And my island may never become actual…it may stay metaphoric, but the concept remains the same.
I am going to finish my PhD…not because I have to, but because I finally want to again.
I am going to live out loud.
I am going to write more, edit more, publish more.
I am done being afraid.
Watch out world.


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