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February 25, 2013

It works for me.

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Many people have made comment on the ways I do things…and yes, perhaps there are other ways that things could be done…but any athlete who doesn’t wash a pair of socks or shave or get a haircut for an entire season would understand perfectly. Maybe it’s a bunch of superstitious hogwash, maybe my writing would be the same regardless, but maybe, just maybe, the system works…and it should be respected and not messed with…at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter to me if it is the system or my faith in the system…all I know is that for me, it works.
I hand write every single thing. I hand write my 90-page papers for my PhD. I handwrite every poem. I handwrite every blog. I handwrite every novel. I handwrite every lesson plan and letter of recommendation. Yes, I have heard of computers. I am using a really cute pink one right now. Yes, I do know that, in theory, I could just sit down to my shiny pink eeepc and create my stories…but when I try this…I sit and stare at the cursor waiting for the blinking to form a pattern. As of yet, no pattern has emerged. For me, the pen is a natural extension of my hand. The ideas dance around in my brain, flow down my arm, and are nicely put on paper with the shiny pen that is in my right hand. Why the ideas can’t come out of all fingers as I sit and stare at the non-patterned, blinking cursor…I don’t know. And really…I don’t care. As long as the ideas still come out, I don’t mind that I have to use a pen. There is a sense of accomplishment when I use up all the ink in a pen…that most people will never understand.
I also know that there is a chance that if I worked on only one project at a time, that I would make more progress on that one project and it would be finished at a more timely rate…this too makes sense to me in an objective way, but is not how my mind works. I currently have 4 main novels that I am working on; one is in chapter 3, one is in chapter 6, one is in chapter 8, and one is in chapter 16. Call it ADD or whatever makes your world go around, but if I am stuck on story 1, I can work on 2 to get unstuck. Or if story 4 has gotten me in a bit of a pickle, I can flip to story 3 to keep the writing going. The only thing that matters to me is keeping the writing going. (Isn’t there a science thingie about objects in motion tend to stay in motion and such jazz…)
This works for me. That is all I need to know.


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