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March 6, 2013

Booksigning Benchmark

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In 2011, I had a benchmark as an author. I held my first book in book format…more beautiful than it ever existed in my head.
In 2012, I had a second benchmark as I held my second book and realized that it was amazing to hold them both side by side.
2013 I am having my first book signing. If you are in the Kansas City area on March 16, you should join me at Southwood Church of Christ from 2-4.
Parts of this journey are very surreal. Every time someone talks to me about my characters that used to exist only in my mind and now exist in the minds of my readers as well, I smile and just dance inside. It is wonderful to be able to share Arianna and Nick with the world…for the world to care for Jake as much as I do…for people to have met Jac and Jyn in my first book and understand both their friendship and their frustrations. I love sharing people who live in my head with people who live in the real world.
It is still a wonderment that people are excited about my autograph. I get a thrill every time someone asks me for one…because it is really the coolest feeling in the world.
As I continue with my benchmarks as an author (and 2013 is early yet…) I know that I will continue on my journey in a constant state of wonderment and gratitude.


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