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March 25, 2013

Moving right along

At my book signing last week, one of my closest friends, and fellow writers, asked me how many projects I work on at any given time. The answer I gave was 4, because that is currently how many novels I am playing with on a regular basis. There is Redeeming Trust, Breaking Point, Crusin for Love, and First Down. And it really does work well for me to have those four as my primary. Any other thoughts that occur to me on my 20+ other novels that have been started, are lovingly written down and kept with their respective novels. Can’t have those ideas bouncing around my head like random ping-pong balls…they might escape and then where would I be?
The next book I want to publish is Broken Trust, which has its first draft created and is waiting for me to sit down and go through its first edit, where I add and change and delete as needed and make it ready for me to look at publishing. This book is also the one that comes before Redeeming, which will be the one I publish early next year. It is helpful to have the sequel have 21 chapters written, and I will probably try to get the first draft of it done before I edit its predecessor so that I know where I want to end up with the first one to perfectly set up the second one. The book signing really lit the fire under my fingers to get and keep writing as a priority, and if I continue my current writing progress, I should have the first draft of Redeeming done by end of April (it may be moved to mid-May due to work commitments, but I think I can do April if I stick to my schedule).
This would put my next book out in the fall of 2013 with its sequel out in the following spring. If I can keep up that pace, I would love to have a book out each fall and then the following spring. That puts about 6 months between books. My current living situation allows for me to enjoy my family and have some solid hours of writing time every day, then teaching at night. Best of all worlds.
So far the writing has flowed out of me and onto the paper through whichever pen I pick up…and I know there will be blocks again in my path, but then I will pick up one of my other three, to keep making progress and to break the block and stay on course. I am moving right along and loving every minute of it.

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