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March 28, 2013

Sweet Agony

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“There is not greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Maya Angelou
It is indeed the sweetest agony in the world to have a story inside you that needs to be put on paper, needs to be told, needs to be shared with the world. To have it inside your heart, your mind, your soul and to finally be able to share it in whatever medium works.
Some people share their stories through painting or fashion, ceramics or graffiti…some share it through poetry, short stories, novels, music, dance…it doesn’t matter the medium…all that matters is that you take the story that exists in your soul and you release it. Share it in a journal or share it with the world, but the release is needed for your peace of mind.
I write because I want to…but more to the point, I write because I have to. I need that release as much (if not more) than I need oxygen, sleep, food…I exaggerate, of course…but not by much. And the release, the pen to paper, the filling of the pages with the story or poem is so freeing, so exilerating, so renewing…it amazes me each and every time. It is magic in the purest form and it is as much a part of me as the ink on my skin.


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