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April 10, 2013

A bit random

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Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising how often this is a response to something I have said or texted…some people get used to my randomness and some thrive on it, adding to multiple conversations without losing the thread of any of the respective conversations. Some people find my randomness annoying, and I usually find out who these people are rather quickly and make a mental note (which I try really hard to remember) to not contact them with random. They prefer minimal or at least linear conversations…I try to keep that in mind.
The reason behind the random thoughts from me…and I absolutely refuse to think of my random thoughts as a problem…but the reason behind them is simply…my head is a very, very busy place. I have about 25 novels started up there, each with respective characters who like a wide array of things. There is a plethora of ideas bouncing around between the characters, trying to match up the best plot idea with the best characters.
Added to this, I have the research projects of about 100 students adding to my mental picnic. I try very hard to keep the topics in mind as I am searching the Internet for different things or hearing different snippets of conversations, so that when I talk to the student I can add something to the topic of research. Sometimes I even match up the correct research topic with the correct student…not always, but sometimes.
In addition to this, I also have my lesson plans for my respective classes. Having a completely different class each day is a challenge, but it works for me as my thoughts change day-to-day regardless.
Oh yeah, and there is also my research for my PhD, which I swear I am going to finish one of these days. I hear things from my adult learners and it connects to the article I read for one of my papers.
My brain is a very busy place…and I love it. I thrive on the random. It gives me the ability to focus on making the most of this gift of time. It allows me to take full advantage of the blessing of my current situation. It is also nice that thinking about one topic generates brain juice about other topics…which is probably why sleep often is not always my most faithful companion…but I don’t care.
So if I have sent you a random, awkward text…I would apologize, but chances are I have already switched topics in my mind.

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