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May 2, 2013

Getting what I Wanted all Along

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So I have been wanting to focus more on writing…I have wanted to really embrace life as an author and just write. I have wanted to finish more projects, publish more novels, just BE an author. I have taught for 16 years now, and I still love it, mostly, but writing has finally become my true passion, and that which I want to pursue more than anything else. I have been praying for, wishing for, hoping for…more time to pursue my author life. I am getting what I wanted all along.
For the June quarter, I will only be teaching 2 classes. I won’t (as of now) be working anywhere else, though I will still be applying for other jobs as needed. Two classes, and they are both ones I have taught before…so no new prep-work…wow…my muse has not stopped dancing since we found out. She has already made plans of how my days and nights will be spent. I will be working on getting more novels ready to publish. I will be writing articles. I will be working on building up my number of readers. I will get to a full-time author and part-time teacher. Yup…it’s what I have wanted all along.
It is really amazing when the universe is exactly in line with what you want for yourself. I’m not only on the right path…I’m making the right moves on the right path. I wanted to be able to write 8 hours a day every day…and there will, of course, be days when I don’t get in 8 full hours…there will also be days when I am reading (which is just as vital…to stay current with the flow of words), there will be days when I am hanging out with friends and family and interacting with people or simply observing people (studying dialogue and body movements), there will be days when I am working on my PhD (slowly…I’m giving myself some time to come back to this). Basically, I will be doing what I have been asking for the opportunity to do…and I will be loving every minute of it.
I am getting what I have always wanted…and I plan on making use of every minute of it…I’m stocking up on shiny pens and blank paper, and I’m getting ready to live life as a full-time author. This is going to be so much fun!!!!


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