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June 3, 2013

Throwing paint

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“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.” Danny Kaye
I love Danny Kaye. He was amazingly talented and acted in a time when you had to have skill because the technology didn’t exist yet to be able to fake it. I think this quote is especially appropriate for my life right now, because I have some time on my hands…and I plan on throwing as much metaphorical paint on my canvas as I can (not literal paint as I have no artistic talent whatsoever (as many of my students and any of my friends on Draw Something can surely attest to). But the metaphoric paint I am throwing on my canvas of life…well my friends, it is beautiful.
If I were to have a painting of what is in my head right now, if I could capture the fantastic chaos that exists inside my mind…you would see characters, all awhirl since there is time to play and write and edit. You would see brightly colored Ping-Pong balls, which coincide with the colors in my ColorNote ap on my phone (love this ap!!!) The Ping-Pong balls bouncing everywhere are the novels I am working on, the non-fiction books and articles I have notes for, and the projects I want to finish. It’s a busy time in my head indeed…and as Danny Kaye expressed it…I am going to throw every bit of paint on my canvas as I can. Enjoy the pictures that appear, my friends…because I know I am going to do just that.


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