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June 6, 2013

New page…

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“Regard every new page as a small triumph.” Roddy Doyle
There is indeed a triumph when the writing takes you to a new, blank page. When you reach the bottom line of the back of a page (or the cursor blinks in the bottom right-hand corner for those who prefer keyboard over pen-to-paper…people of whom I both envy and pity, but that is another talk for another day). When you get to the bottom, there is a pause, however minute, where I wonder if I have exhausted this chapter or bit of dialogue or research. This tiny pause where I wonder (fear) if I have said all I need to say about th..and then there is a sigh of relief when, nope…I have more to say, and I start to fill the next page.
This phenomenon is not unique to authors. Ask any student who has a page-length requirement on an essay or paper. There is a sigh of relief that is usually audible when they reach the new page and become that much closer to their goal.
Being an author, that new page means the characters aren’t ready to break for lunch yet. They are wanting to finish this scene or continue this conversation or get to the next bit of action or trouble. They are just as excited about each new page started as I am, and that is true whether or not they are acting in the particular scene I am writing or even book I am writing, for that matter, There is a great deal of celebration for each new page because that means one page closer to done — one page closer to edited; one page closer to publication, which is good for all of them and for their author as well.
Yes, new pages are most certainly a triumph.


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