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June 9, 2013

Creatively Wealthy

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“Whatever your talent, use it in every way possible…spend it lavishly like a millionaire intent on going broke.” Brendan Francis
I am a creative person. Forgive me for the obvious statement, but it does have a rather nice sound to it, doesn’t it? I am a creative person. Now let’s not get all philosophical about not being able to singularly define a person…I know this, of course, but I would also have to say it is one of the predominant ways I have of defining what makes me…ME.
I do best at activities which allow for some creativity to be expressed. The experiences I have had where I have not been able to be creative in some fashion…didn’t last long. Relationships, classes, jobs…hmm, maybe this is the true reason math and I don’t get along — One way to solve the problem in order to get the RIGHT ANSWER. Too much pressure to conform. X is “supposed” to equal 17, but I wanted X to equal “pony.”
I do get bored quite easily. I dislike routine, which is why teaching and writing appeal to me. Even if I am teaching the same class, the make up of the students adds a new spice to the lesson. Same with writing…character development, dialogue, plot points…every time is different based on the idiosyncrasies of my characters.
My creative thoughts about relationships is not for discussion on this public forum. 😉


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